Landini 2 Series T3A STD/GE

45 - 50 - 60

Main features

43.4, 47.5, 54.2
Synchro Shuttle

The New 2 Series a worthy successor to the Mistral

The 2 Series replaces the Mistral range with a modern, agile and compact solution. On show will be a foot step version whilst a cabbed version will also be available. This new tractor series shares some of the common design and styling elements of the hood and roof designs from others in the range, which continues on with the modern family look of Landini. The 2 Series comes in standard configuration and a new “GE” configuration (footstep only) where the rear final drives and platform have been carefully re-designed to achieve a platform height which is 95 mm lower than the current Mistral. The result ensures improved performance where height and width constraints exist, such as awning vineyards or greenhouses. Dimensions become extremely compact with 24” rear tyres: 1,420 mm minimum width and just 1,230 mm height to steering wheel. 20” rear tyres will also be available as an option. The range features 44 HP to 55 HP Yanmar engines and comes in three models: 2-045, 2-050, 2-060 STD or GE.

Yanmar engines

The 2 Series tractors are powered by Yanmar TNV four cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with power ratings of 44, 47.5 and 54.2 hp. These engines deliver high horsepower and torque backup while ensuring quiet, eco-friendly performance and excellent fuel economy. Equipped with exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), the 16-valve four-cylinder turbo engine fitted on the 2-060 model delivers superior performance. Fully redesigned to reflect the new Landini family styling, the hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.



Yanmar direct-injection engine 4TNV84-KLAN  4TNV88-KLAN 4TNV84T-2XLAN
Max. power (ISO), hp/kW 44/32 47.5/35 54.2/39.9
Rated speed  Rpm 2800 2800 2800
Max. torque    Nm 129 141 159.5
Max torque speed  Rpm 1400 1200 2000
Bore/stroke in. mm 84×90 88×90 84×90
Displacement / nr. of cylinders / valves  CM3 1995 / 4 / 8 2189 / 4 / 8 1995 / 4 TURBO / 16
Compression ratio 19:1 19:1 18.9:1
Water cooling




Air filter Dry Dry Dry
Fuel tank capacity   Lt 40 40 40
  • standard

Synchro Shuttle transmission with 30 km/htrue

The standard gearbox offers 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds and can be optionally equipped with a creeper unit to provide 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds. The synchro shuttle allows for smooth shifting between forward and reverse. Instruments are intuitive and easy to read and controls are ergonomically arranged on the driver’s sides for maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Driving position

Located on an iso-mounted platform, the driving position impresses with its ergonomic design and easy-to-use, logically-arranged controls. Restyled with a modern look, the new four-post cab offers enhanced all-round visibility for easy manoeuvring and safe implement operation. Featuring improved pressurization, lower noise levels and a new, more efficient air-conditioning system, the cab of the 2 Series tractor raises driver comfort to a whole new level.

Mechanical power lift and auxiliary valves, ideal for this power range

The hydraulic system provides a maximum flow rate of 12,5 GPM (47,7 litres/min). The mechanical power lift with Cat. 1 three-point linkage can lift up to 2640 lb. (1200 kg), the system features three simple- and double-acting auxiliary valves. The controls are located in a comfortable and ergonomic position at the driver’s right for fingertip operation.

dimensions and weights

   2-045 STD  2-045 GE  2-050 STD  2-050 GE  2-060 STD  2-060 GE
Front tyres 260/70R16 240/70R16 260/70R16 240/70R16 260/70R16 240/70R16
Rear tyres 320/70R24 320/70R24 320/70R24 320/70R24 360/70R24 320/70R24
Height to safety frame (mm) 2097 2003 2097 2003 2097 2003
Height over cab (mm) 2307 2307 2307
Height to steering wheel (mm) 1312 1218 1312 1218 1312 1218
Total length with ballast, (mm) 3225 3225 3225 3225  3225 3225
Min. width (mm) 1383 1254 1383 1254 1383 1254
Wheelbase 4WD  (mm) 1760 1760 1760 1760 1760 1760
Ground clearance (mm) 385 295 385 295 385 295
Total weight whithout ballast (120Kg) (+Cab only STD model 150Kg) 1460 1460 1460 1460 1460 1460


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