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Landini and Marchesi De 'Frescobaldi, quality as a common objective


Tractors and wines. Two seemingly different worlds, that both Landini and Marchesi De’ Frescobaldi have decided to share through synergies aimed at achieving a superb quality level

Between professionals there is always a mutual understanding. Even more so when the goal is that of developing synergies aimed at achieving a common result. A result that, when it comes to the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi’s undertaking, is renown and appreciated all over the world, wherever Tuscan labels are part of the most prestigious wine cards.

Marchesi de’ Fescobaldi has been producing great wines for 30 generations by focusing on the same final goal, that of achieving a quality excellence, a goal that is perfectly shared with Argo Tractors, who, through its Landini branded products and an experience acquired during 120 years in the specialist tractor segment, is now in a position to offer a highly specialized range of machines purposely designed and manufactured to work between crop rows in vineyards and orchards. It was this common commitment aimed at achieving the best results in vineyards that led the two undertakings to work together since 1977 when the first “Landini Advantage” tractor was bought by this important wine growing and producing concern.

A fact that, since the very beginning, has brought to light a professional understanding and a team spirit that has paved the way to a long and successful cooperation still going on with great and mutual satisfaction.

Nowadays the Marchesi de’Frescobaldi undertaking, with 1000 hectares of vineyards in the only Tuscan region, possesses a good 45 Landini tractors, most of which belonging to the “Rex” series, a jewel of the Fabbrico specialized vineyard tractor range.

“We started feeling on the same wave-length as the Landini brand philosophy since the very first tractor we bought – affirmed Lamberto Frescobaldi- Vice-President of the Marchesi de’Frescobaldi. The philosophy of our undertaking is founded, in fact, on the firm belief that quality has to come from the vineyard first as a result of an optimized and an ever improved production management. Landini tractors were highly appreciated since the very beginning by our professionals in the field, both in terms of performance, comfort, reliability and great manoeuvrability.
The real quality of the machines used in our estates is not established by the proprietors of the undertaking nor by the purchasing manager, but by the operator, who uses these machines every day and who has to overcome, by them, any sort of problems met when working between the crop rows. Quality does also depend on the level of service provided by the dealer one applies to when needing to purchase a tractor. The dealer we are dealing with has always supported us with an excellent, qualified and just-in-time service.

This is why the Landini tractor fleet at the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi’s undertaking has increased with time to reach 45 units being used nowadays in our vineyards”.

Today, when driving nearby the Frescobaldi’s estates, it is quite probable to see a Landini Rex or a Landini crawler tractor at work, since these units are used in an incessant way throughout the year for the most different work needs and in all work conditions i.e. from cultivations between crop rows to pest control treatments, from weeding to grass mowing and pruning scraps shredding.

“The management of so many hectares of vineyards – concluded Lamberto Frescobaldi – is a rather demanding job. Tractors exploitation is very high and only those means featured by a superb quality level can resist. From this point of view the Landini brand is excellent, tractor performances are outstanding and in the forefront. Since the very beginning we have appreciated the great dynamism and the far-sightedness of our tractor manufacturer, by sharing and comparing our own needs and expectations”.

However, the Marchesi de’Frescobaldi’s satisfaction with the Landini brand loyally reflects the Argo Tractors’ one for having had the great opportunity of cooperating with such an important name.

As Mr Alberto Morra, a member of the Argo Tractors Board, affirmed “The cooperation with the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi undertaking represents for our Company an important opportunity of giving the best out of a skill achieved through a long experience in tractor manufacturing and of doing it through an end user capable of appreciating our technology and of enhancing it to the utmost.

To be the “favourite” of a very important business-oriented undertaking like the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi one is for Argo Tractors a reason for a great pride, this being the result of a rational and well-pondered decision. All the more so when it comes to work together with such a prestigious and world-famous name that helps enhance the company image by far as well.”

Landini, a reference brand

The experience acquired in the vineyard and orchard mechanization sector is one of the most important features of the Landini brand. Since 1982 the Fabbrico tractor manufacturer is in the business with a wide range of specialized tractors that, throughout the years, has become increasingly more complete, reliable and in the forefront. A long tradition and a never-ending commitment dedicated to innovating and improving tractor performances have enabled Landini to manufacture a whole range of wheeled tractors for professional use, from narrow and wide orchard tractor models to hyper-specialized machines for the most up-to-date vineyard cultivations, through to crawlers – a traditional product in this segment.
With the Rex, Mistral, Alpine and Trekker series, Landini is a synonymous of utmost skill in this sector, a skill achieved through the most advanced technological solutions such as new Tier 3 engines, transmissions equipped with reverse power shuttle and newly designed platforms minimizing the noise inside the cab.
Thanks to these features Landini represents nowadays an excellent reference point in the orchard and vineyard tractor segment to such an extent that more than half of the entire production consists of specialistic tractors, purposely designed and engineered to meet the requirements of a most demanding market.

A commitment starting long before grapes

Marchesi de’Frescobaldi, one of the most important and high quality wine-making enterprises, possesses one of the largest extents of vineyards in Tuscany with 1200 hectares of land and seven estates, all of them situated in areas where the production of rare wines (Docg, Doc and Igt) represents a longstanding and deep-rooted tradition.
Behind the world record of the Marchesi de’Frescobaldi wines there are many factors: the environment, the excellence of grapes, the investment in marketing and communication and the professional skill of human resources.
As a result of a pluricentenarian experience, this enterprise has concentrated since the very beginning on the achievement of an incredible high quality wine, by combining a great care for production with dedicated marketing and sales activities. However, the commitment of this undertaking starts long before grapes. In fact, at the end of the 80s the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi enterprise started thinking of a new wine-growing system by introducing innovative techniques in viticulture as well as a more modern vineyard layout featured by a greater density of plantation.
Nowadays, after a long makeover process the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi vineyards are all grown according to specific training systems, namely “Guyot” and “Cordone Speronato”, and featured by narrow rows with a max distance of 2 m between each other.
Also the mechanization for the various cultivation activities has entailed a new way of thinking by the enterprise itself who had to concentrate on smaller, narrower, and more streamlined tractors, namely highly specialistic units, and on outstanding implements capable for ensuring timely and quick interventions during seasonal works.
This is how grapes are grown in the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi’s estates, where a famous Tuscan wine, featured by intense aromas, freshness and rich flavour is produced and that has made Frescobaldi a renown name all over the world.

 Landini is a brand owned by Argo Tractors SpA.
Argo Tractors, with its headquarters in Fabbrico (RE), manufactures tractors under the Landini and McCormick brands and belongs to the Argo Industrial Group. 

The Tractor Manufacturing Division of the Argo Group has tripled its production volumes in little more than 10 years, with a remarkable growth in concrete results: 2,000 employees, 4 plants, 27 product ranges, 8 business branches in the world and 130 foreign importers.

Statistics that have allowed the Landini and McCormick brands to achieve a significant standing on the domestic tractor market and to represent one of the most important international players, thus confirming the value of a successful group strategy.

Argo Tractors’ strength lies in belonging to a great group: several different enterprises that are all part of a single project: integrated resources and specialization are the mainstays on which the Argo Group bases its manufacturing and business strategy, with six brands, plants in Italy, France and Germany plus an unwavering and exclusive industrial vocation.


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Landini and Marchesi De 'Frescobaldi, quality as a common objective