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A new goal in the field of active safety for tractors. S.A.F.E. (Safety Assistance Full
Effective) is the very first active safety device of its kind and Landini, with the
indispensable collaboration of Cobo Group, is the first manufacturer to have created a
dedicated “safe drive” controller able to integrate, communicate and interact with the
tractor's control unit. Winner of the Eima 2010 Technical Innovation award, S.A.F.E.
will be presented for the very first time at Eima as part of the equipment of Landini's
Rex series, one of the ranges that could profit from the system to a greater extent.
Created as a specialistic range, the Rex series is often used for work in hilly or
mountainous areas, where sloping, rugged and crumbling soil significantly increases
the risk of tipping over and creates hazards for the operator's safety and that of the
vehicle itself.
Thus, the purpose of Landini's S.A.F.E. device is to assist the farm worker when he
uses the tractor thanks to a continuous dynamic monitoring function which assesses
the center of gravity of the machine so as to prevent it from tipping over in dangerous
The device, which uses information obtained from the CAN BUS network, assesses
the overall operating conditions of the tractor-implement combination in real time so as
to keep the operator constantly informed about the risk level in which he is working.
Information about the soil conditions is systematically compared with the tractor's
setup and the decisions taken by the operator as he drives. The device evaluates
certain of the operating parameters, such as speed, steering direction and trajectory,
the track width, implement hitched and whether ballast has been installed.
To achieve the utmost accuracy, whenever the tractor is started, messages on a
sequence of masks displayed on a colour screen in the cab ask the operator to
confirm that he has fastened his seat belt and that the protective frame is in position if
the tractor is without a cab. Following this phase, S.A.F.E. displays the setup and the
implement selected when the tractor was last used. The operator can change this
information if modifications have been made.
Once these settings have been made and work begins, the driver is kept constantly
informed about the current risk level by means of icons on the display, which indicate
what is causing the risk and the actions required to reduce or eliminate it.
The risk levels are displayed by concentric circles in different colours: green means
there is no risk, yellow indicates an imminent hazard while red warns of a high risk. To
ensure that the warning receives the operator's utmost attention, an intermittent
acoustic signal will also activate if a high risk situation is detected.
Besides allowing the main causes of accidents to be prevented, Landini's S.A.F.E. has
also been designed with the future in mind since it is part of the development projects
for the standard Isobus of the new generation tractors, the aim being to achieve an
even higher level of tractor-implement integration for active prevention purposes.
The applications and future developments envisaged for the system include the direct
intervention of the Landini S.A.F.E. device on certain of the tractor's functions. This
would mean that the system would be able to override the operator's corrective and
preventive actions after having assessed the relative operating situation as being
This would pave the way towards a completely new scenario in the tractor safety
sector, one that, although in different ways, would be increasingly similar to the
concepts used in the car industry, where there are already systems able to ensure
complete control of the vehicles in even critical conditions. 

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