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2011 Tractor of the year: The Best of Specialized award goes to REX 110 F

Landini’s Rex, the king of specialized tractors, was crowned in Bologna during the Eima International trade fair, at the 2011 edition of the “Tractor of the Year” contest.
The machine to be awarded the prestigious title of “Best of Specialized” was the new Rex 110 F tractor.
Completely designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, in the Argo Tractors plant situated in the province of Reggio Emilia, this tractor was assessed by a selected European jury of specialized press reporters and was judged to be the machine most able to meet the needs of the specialized farming sector. An evaluation based on decisive parameters concerning the engine, transmission,
electronic equipment, hydraulic circuit, the degree of comfort provided by the cab, the pioneering technical features, design, power/price ratio and the number of optionals available.
Rex 110 F is the top of the renowned range of Rex tractors, recently upgraded and improved as to design in a restyling process that especially involved the roof and bonnet, but also the technical aspects as the machine now features a much more advanced hydraulic circuit, optimized PTO engagement, more accurate power lift regulation and a tighter turning radius. Rear and front PTOs are also available.
The improvements made to the cab interior have added to the degree of comfort and are a decisive feature of the range as the controls have been set in new positions and the cockpit has become much more spacious and comfortable.
The Rex range will be of great interest to the specialized farming sector thanks to its ability to provide an excellent performance between the rows of even smallsized orchards.
The “Best of Specialized” award is thus an important recognition that testifies to the on-going commitment that Argo Tractors has dedicated to this range. A series which, besides belonging to a highly specialized segment of Landini's productrange, has always been a reference point for fruit-growers and vine growers worldwide.
“We are extremely satisfied at having obtained the “Tractor of the Year 2011 Best of Specialized” award, commented Ruggero Cavatorta, the Marketing and Communications Manager of Argo Tractors. “Rex 110 F is the best seller of our specialized tractor range and we’re really pleased that its qualities have been appreciated. Landini puts great stock in the technological features of this range and is now proud to offer a decidedly advanced product, besides one that is 100% Italian-made.”

Landini is a brand owned by Argo Tractors SpA.
Argo Tractors, with its headquarters in Fabbrico (RE), manufactures tractors under the Landini and McCormick brands and belongs to the Argo Industrial Group.
The Tractor Manufacturing Division of the Argo Group has tripled its production volumes in little more than 10 years, with a remarkable growth in concrete results: 2,000 employees, 4 plants, 27 product ranges, 8 business branches in the world and 130 foreign importers. Statistics that have allowed the Landini and McCormick brands to achieve a significant standing on the domestic tractor market and to represent one of the most important international players, thus confirming the value of a successful group strategy.
Argo Tractors’ strength lies in belonging to a great group: several different enterprises that are all part of a single project: integrated resources and specialization are the mainstays on which the Argo Group bases its manufacturing and business strategy, with six brands, plants in Italy, France and Germany plus an unwavering and exclusive industrial vocation.

For more details:
Ruggero Cavatorta
Marketing & Communications Manager
Argo Tractors S.p.A. – Via G. Matteotti, 7 – 42042 Fabbrico (RE)

2011 Tractor of the year: The Best of Specialized award goes to REX 110 F