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      1. A difficult season, made easier with the right partner!
      2. The tractor range designed to get the best out of your olive grove
      3. REX4, Landini’s olive grove specialist

A difficult season, made easier with the right partner!

  Difficulties in the daily work of a farmer are all part of the norm, just like their tenacity and commitment to complete the task. The experts at Argo Tractors are well aware of this, which is why they design Landini tractors with cutting-edge technology and unique innovations in order to support operators in the best possible way. It is not surprising that in the face of a rather complex 2022-2023 olive season, involving drought, rising operating costs and declining production, which is putting farmers to the test, Landini is keen to play its part by offering the best in terms of agricultural vehicles.  


The tractor range designed to get the best out of your olive grove

  Working in olive groves requires specific demands to be met. Indeed, it is necessary to choose vehicles that are reliable, easy to use, compact enough to move easily between rows and with versatile hydraulics to adapt to the specialised implements required. Features that you will find perfectly combined in Landini’s range of orchard tractors. Designed specifically for olive groves and to assist you with key tasks on your land.   Among the most important operations to be performed in the olive grove during the winter and pre-spring period is inter-row harrowing of the olive grove. This operation has very specific characteristics and timing that also differ depending on the age of the crop. In fact, in the first three to four years after planting, harrowing is important to avoid grassing and the consequent possible slowdown in the growth of young olive trees in the nursery. However, once this time has elapsed, if the olive trees have achieved adequate growth, it is possible to let the inter-row vegetation grow spontaneously or – in the case of dry and/or degraded soils – with controlled seeding. The vegetation cover that will be created must be mowed each year at three specific times: early spring, just before the dry season and before harvesting.   Soil tillage is therefore essential to maintain the activity of the olive grove at its best, particularly when it is necessary to bury mineral and organic fertilisers, green manure and pruning residues. Precisely because of the importance of maintaining the optimal state of the soil, tilling the soil makes it possible to eliminate weed root systems and reduce competition in very dry conditions, in which – thanks to this operation – fire risks can also be prevented. The advantages offered by tilling the soil also affect the health of the olive grove. In fact, in the spontaneous flora that forms in the vicinity of the olive trees, a number of animal and plant pathogens are removed by this action.   Be careful, however, not to confuse these pathogens with Mycorrhizae, the use of which is now strongly recommended in olive groves precisely because of the positive effects they have on olive tree growth and the reduction in production times. These are beneficial symbiotic microorganisms that absorb mineral nutrients from the soil and transfer them to host plants, contributing important services as biofertilisers and bioenergisers.  


REX4, Landini’s olive grove specialist

A tractor that knows how to get noticed. The automotive styling is evident in the sleek, dynamic lines of the bonnet, equipped with Full LED light clusters perfectly integrated in the front grille. Not to mention in the cab with its flat platform and protection category 2 or 4 with active carbon filters, or in the compact dimensions of the platform versions. A design chosen and engineered to enhance the essence of Landini and its focus on farmers’ needs, encapsulating them in an innovative vehicle that drives productivity and guarantees the highest level of comfort, in keeping with the tradition of the Argo Tractors brand. REX4 Plat, equipped with a low platform for a more comfortable working position, is available in models F (dedicated to small and medium-sized orchards), GE (for low orchards, it passes easily under the branches of the rows), GB (“Gran Basso”, intended for awning cultivations and greenhouses), GT (for wide orchards, maximum comfort in both large orchards and open fields). Faced with such a wide range, it is essential to choose the most suitable model for the type of olive grove in which the operator will be working.  

The Landini REX4 range is also characterised by excellent field traction and perfect comfort on the road, something that is achieved thanks to the configuration with suspended front axle. The Plat version also features a panel for easy access to the clutch for simplified maintenance and a switch for adjusting the aggressiveness of the reverse power shuttle.  

Propulsion power is provided by the latest generation of Deutz AG engines, with power ratings ranging from 75 to 112 horsepower and Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection, ensuring excellent performance in terms of torque reserve, power and lower fuel consumption. The well-known Engine Memo Switch memorises and swiftly recalls the most suitable engine speed to accelerate work. The engines comply with Stage V emission legislation thanks to the innovative system consisting of a passive regeneration diesel particulate filter DPF, a diesel oxidation catalyst DOC and the SCR EAT – System, for models from 90 to 112 hp.

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