Landini at Eima 20-21: new models in the utility, specialised and high-power ranges

Argo Tractors confirms its participation at Eima. This will firstly be carried out online, from 11 to 15 November 2020, on the Eima Digital Preview platform, and then physically at the Bologna trade fair district – an event running from 3 to 7 February 2021. Argo Tractors will introduce product and technological innovations by continuing effective talks and consultations with dealers, partners, suppliers and customers on a global scale.

Landini Series 4 Stage V

The new Series 4 Stage V range, part of the light utility sector, follows the Landini tradition of making agricultural work more productive and less tiring. It is composed of tractors capable of offering comfort, lightness and efficiency. Available in both cab and platform versions, these vehicles are ideal for small to medium-sized farms that need a tractor which is comfortable, affordable and at the same time capable of carrying out all types of work.

Landini Series 4 features the new generation of Kohler 4-cylinder and 16-valve engines, Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail electronic injection with improved torque reserve performance, increased power and lower fuel consumption. The 85-litre fuel tank allows a long working day. The Engine Memo Switch system, which quickly records and restores the engine speed, guarantees the minimum fuel consumption compared to the required power. Series 4 consists of 3 models: 4-060, 4-070 and 4-080 with 61, 68 and 75 horsepower respectively.

The new design features the innovative Total View Slim cab, designed with automotive style to ensure maximum comfort during work. The following are a few of its advantages: lowered Slim sunroof, flat floor, air conditioning, excellent soundproofing, automotive equipment, dashboard integral with the steering wheel and ergonomic controls.

Not only that, the ergonomic controls make it easy to use every feature, such as the new POWERSHUTTLE transmission with 12 forward + 12 reverse speeds, with hydraulic reverse shuttle on the steering wheel, and 24 forward + 24 reverse speeds with HI-LO and mechanical reverse shuttle.

Additional features that distinguish Landini Series 4 include the 4WD limited slip axle, the 2,115mm wheelbase, the mechanical hitch with a lifting capacity of 3,000kg and the hydraulic circuit up to 52 l/m.

The excellent traction capacity and great manoeuvrability guarantee exceptional stability in all working conditions and a perfect road-holding performance when driving. These results are possible thanks to the sturdy front axle equipped with a limited slip differential lock and an electro-hydraulic 4WD engagement. This set-up ensures great efficiency even when using the front loader.

The exceptional handling is guaranteed by the broad swing of its axle, the high ground clearance, and its 55° steering angle. Furthermore, the hydrostatic drive provides for smooth steering, even at low speeds.

As per Landini tradition, the basic configuration includes a high precision mechanically-controlled rear hydraulic hitch. The hitch is equipped with descent speed adjustment and position lock when travelling on the road. The following are available on request: hitch remote control to attach implements independently from the rear fender, and the ELS (Ergonomic Lift System) system. By raising and lowering the implement in one click, the latter speeds up headland operations, reduces working times and increases productivity. The mechanical hitch has Category 2 3-point linkage.

Landini REX3 F

The new Landini REX3 F, now featuring Stage V engines, stands out in terms of its innovative technological solutions, a new bonnet line and the possibility of choosing a Low-Profile cab. This new family is also a finalist for the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “best of specialized” category.

The REX3 F series includes 55, 68 and 75 horsepower models thanks to the 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder Kohler engine, which delivers torque reserves of 50%, 45% and 32% respectively. The engine speed is controlled thanks to the Engine Memo Switch, with which it is possible to first record the settings and then recall them for more effective work. The diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 50 litres.

Particularly important are the compact dimensions, which allow easy operation between vineyards and orchards: wheelbase 1,950mm; minimum ground clearance 213mm; external width from 1,350mm to 1,617mm; minimum height of the steering wheel from the ground 1,256mm; weight without ballast 2,200kg.

The Landini REX3 F is unequivocally focused on versatility, from which it draws its most obvious competitive advantage. This starts with the Low Profile cab option – Best in Class in the conventional category – which has a 1.16m wide single-shell structure at the base, which reduces to 0.86m at roof level, for a minimum overall height from the ground of 1.87m, ensuring respect for the foliage and comfort for the operator. In addition to this, there is the wide door opening for easier accessibility, the tilting steering wheel, the multifunction dashboard, the absence of levers on the central tunnel, the air conditioning circuit. The cab offers maximum visibility in lateral operations, on sloping terrain and in greenhouse crops.

Handling and ease of use are also found in the factory-fitted option of the front hitch, with a capacity of 1,000kg, and in the under-cab chassis geometry specifically designed for the installation of various central equipment.

Designed for professionals working in vineyards and orchards, the hydraulic circuit delivers 30 litres/min for steering and 50 litres/min for spool valves, up to 3 with the possibility to bring one outlet also at the front, in addition to supporting the rear hydraulic hitch featuring mechanical control and ELS (Ergonomic Lift System), with Shock-Absorber system and a capacity of an improved 2,700kg and bi-adjustable rear links.

Versatility and comfort make it a tractor built around the operator’s needs: the transmission operates by mechanical reverse shuttle and offers, with creeper, 16 forward and 16 reverse gears in a speed range from 0.4 to 40km/h.

The front axle with electro-hydraulic engagement is produced in Argo Tractors plants and offers a 55° steering angle.

The 20-inch rear wheels (for GE version) and 24-inch rear wheels (for F versions) are equipped with Waffle-type rims able to withstand high loads always guaranteeing the best concentricity between rim and tyre to minimise vibration, thus maximising comfort when travelling on the road with equipment in tow, also thanks to the maximum allowed weight of 4,000 kg.

Such an overview, being already rich in specifications, is completed by its perfect compatibility with Landini’s fleet management system. The REX3 F series can also be fitted with the Fleet Management system, which provides telemetry data, remote diagnostics, efficient integration with the after-sales system, a direct connection with the service department and a reduction in downtime for maintenance, as well as a preferential lane for the operator to maximise farm productivity.

 Landini Series 7 V-Shift

The Landini Series 7 V-Shift, already a finalist in the Tractor of the Year competition, will be allocated a special place in the virtual booth of Argo Tractors with models covering a power range from 200 to 240 horsepower.

Thanks to a larger tank capacity, the efficiency of the machine is improved during the working day. With a wheelbase of 2,820mm, an unladen weight of 8,300kg and 13,000kg when fully loaded, it has a front balance of 46% and rear balance of 54%, as well as high towing efficiency.

Series 7 in Stage V features some elements of continuity with Stage IV starting with the typical cast-iron chassis that houses the generous and fuel-efficient engine. The chassis increases the strength of the transmission, ensures a lower level of vibration, improves traction, increases manoeuvrability and eliminates the need for additional front equipment chassis.

An engine brake pedal, the Engine Brake System, is available which, using the electronic motorised throttle valve of the turbocharger, allows the operator to increase the braking torque by activating the engine brake in combination with the normal tractor brakes.

The Viscotronic clutch is controlled by the engine control module for precise fan speed modulation. The solution adopted guarantees better cooling performance, precise fan control, less power loss and good noise reduction.

The change in emissions legislation has led to the introduction of new styles and designs. In the latter area, one of the most obvious product improvements is a 360-degree viewing angle, guaranteed by 20 LED headlights, 12 of which are on the roof, also featuring a new design and canopy in perfect Landini style.

High quality materials, high level ergonomics, attention to detail, a spacious and highly comfortable cab all combine to guarantee that the Landini Series 7 V-Shift provides ease of use, outstanding performance and productivity, extreme comfort and simplified maintenance: a machine that responds to customer needs.

The Series 7 is equipped with an advanced Landini Semi-Active Cab Suspension, managed by a control unit capable of modifying the responsiveness of the shock absorbers and maintaining a high level of comfort in all conditions. This solution on the cab allows the suspension to be managed according to the operator’s preferences, who can select from three different levels.

For driving comfort, whether on the road or in the field, whilst not compromising on safety, the Series 7 features a best-in-class independent front axle link suspension system with 100% electro-hydraulic locking, automatic 4WD, differential lock and automatic self-levelling.

Another new feature, ensured by the new machine design, is the introduction of an electrically controlled steering wheel tilt movement by means of a button, while the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted with a lever.

A front hitch for loads up to 3,500Kg is available for the Series 7, with position sensor integrated directly into the cast iron chassis. This design guarantees a high level of performance, as well as the robustness of the entire transmission.

The 4-stage continuously variable transmission is particularly suitable for heavy-duty use, with extreme wheel traction. Features include the minimum speed of 40 m/h (maximum 50 km/h in eco mode), the wet clutch, rear final drives and a power take-off (PTO) available in 4 speeds, with adjustable automatic mode and without power restrictions.

The Series 7 V-Shift has a 123 l/min closed centre hydraulic circuit with a dedicated 44 l/m steering pump. A 160 l/m Ultra Flow pump is available as an optional extra. Another feature of the system is the full configurability of the electro-hydraulic control valves.

The layout of the control panel has been kept very simple and streamlined, ensuring considerable ease of use. New menus have been added for an increasingly professional user experience.

Landini has presented the ADS2, Advanced Driving System2, an intelligent electronic guidance system that aims to enhance the driving experience and increase productivity. It features super comfortable steering, active steering wheel torque with direct steering emulation, Road & Field shock absorbers with active damping, automatic wheel realignment in forward and reverse, multifunctional steering wheel at 12 o’clock with active feedback (haptic-vibra), integration with the vehicle control and MyHMF, advanced headland management system. Finally, the PSM Precision Steering Management system guarantees excellent performance in applications where accuracy and precision are essential.

Thanks to the MyLights menu it is possible to program the work lights for perfect visibility in every situation. Even greater freedom of configuration of the Series 7 controls through the new MyFunctions menu that allows 5 buttons to be assigned to as many functions chosen through the DSM (12” touch screen monitor).

Another innovation introduced to increase tractor grip and traction is the Landini EazyGrip, which is integrated into the DSM monitor via ISObus. This function makes it possible to set the tyre pressure for perfect operation in the field and for road transport. EazyGrip optimises the tyre footprint, increases traction and efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, optimises tyre wear and life, improves safety and handling on the road.

Connectivity between the Series 7 operator and the fleet is provided by Landini Fleet Management, a system that provides geo-positioning information, telemetric data such as fuel consumption, hours worked and geofencing for machine security.  In addition, details can be displayed regarding real time position, current speed, engine rpm, tank levels, with relevant diagnostics on the status of the tractor, giving the possibility of clearly programming maintenance operations, thus significantly reducing machine downtime.

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