7 Series Robo-Six

7 Series Robo-Six

7 Series T4 Final Robo-Six: a great tradition of efficiency

For over 30 years, the Argo Tractors Group has focused its activity on the research and development of quality products. As a result of this strategic choice, Argo Tractors engineers have further upgraded Landini’s 7 Series tractor range, which now leads its class in efficiency, performance, flexibility and comfort.

Efficiency, performance, comfort


4,5 / 4

6,7 / 6


150, 165, 176

166, 181, 192, 211, 225



Designed to satisfy the changing needs of modern farmers and contractors, the new 7 Series offers a large automotive-style cab with electrohydraulic suspensions, high-grade fit and finish, air-conditioned seat and ergonomically-arranged, intuitive controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation. Boasting up to 225 hp, the new FPT NEF engines deliver maximum traction and best-in-class fuel efficiency, while allowing quick and easy maintenance. Equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), the engines of the new 7 Series meet the Stage 4/Tier 4 Final emissions regulations without requiring a diesel particulate filter. The range comes with a choice of two transmissions: a Robo-Six powershift and a V-Shift continuous variable transmission. The hydraulic system features a high-flow pump that provides 160 l/min. The electronic management of the hydraulic functions ensures accurate implement control. In addition, a 12-inch touch screen monitor allows implement operation to be controlled with extreme accuracy via a satellite-based guidance and ISOBUS system, thus maximising efficiency and productivity. Choosing Landini means you can count on a reliable partner that gives you cutting-edge technology, superior performance and unmatched productivity.

Lounge cab: your new office in first class

The Lounge Cab is a new-concept four-post design with rear hinged doors that provides unobstructed visibility in all directions, giving the driver full view of blind spots without the need to change position. The cab is pressurized to keep a clean, dust-free environment and a highly-efficient sound insulation system maintains an in-cab noise level of only 70 dB for maximum comfort of operation. The optional electrohydraulic cab suspension system further enhances the operator comfort. Wide, well-spaced access steps allow the operator to easily get in and out of the cab, while the buddy seat neatly folds away making for easier and safer access. The cab interior features an automotive-style fit and finish with easy-clean soft-touch materials. The instrument panel tilts with the steering wheel to suit the driver’s need. The alcantara swivel seat with dynamic air suspension system and fully automatic height adjustment features backrest heating and ventilation for ultimate driving comfort.

FTP NEF engines: efficiency that improves your productivity

Eight models in the range are all powered by the new FPT NEF turbo engines with four valves per cylinder and common rail injection system. The 7-145, 7-165 and 7-175 models feature self-supporting 4.5L, four-cylinder engines with power ratings of 141, 155 and 166 hp. The 7-165, 7-180, 7-200, 7-220 and 7-230 models are equipped with 6.7L, six-cylinder engines located within a rugged chassis which helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The six-cylinder models deliver power outputs of 151, 165, 180, 190 and 205 hp. These new engines meet the Stage4/Tier4 Final emissions regulations using a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The new FPT NEF powering the 7 Series is an advanced engine designed to offer farmers simplicity and functionality without compromising on performance, reliability and durability.

Max engine power at 1900 rpm (ISO TR 14396 ECE R120)
Max engine power with Dual Power at 1900 rpm (ISO TR 14396 ECE R120)
150/111165/122176/129166/122181/133192/142211/155 225/166
Max. Torque (with Dual Power) (ISO TR 14396 ECE R120) [Nm]594 (615)652 (676)693 (693)632 (676)694 (738)758 (800)800 (860)850(897)
Displacement (cm3) / no. of cylinders / no of valves4.500 / 4 / 164.500 / 4 / 164.500 / 4 / 166.728 / 6 / 246.728 / 6 / 246.728 / 6 / 24 6.728 / 6 /  24 6.728 / 6 /  24


ROBO-SIX transmission: Powershift type

High performance, fuel efficiency, smooth driving and safety are the strong points of the Robo-Six transmission. The key features of this transmission include five speed ranges, a six-speed on-the-go powershift, a robotized range shifting and an electrohydraulic steering-column power shuttle. The Robo-Six transmission offers 30 forward and 15 reverse speeds. In addition, a creep speed option provides 54 speeds forward and 27 in reverse. The 7 Series features the Eco Forty mode that provides a top speed of 40 km/h at reduced engine rpm. Where legally permitted, a top speed of 50 km/h can be reached with the Eco Fifty mode. In addition, the Robo-Six transmission is equipped with an oil cut-off function which manages the braking system more efficiently, thus ensuring better performance on the road and improved fuel economy.

The Hydraulic circuit

Increased to 160 l/min (for 6 cyl. models) the flow rate received by the 9,300 kg capacity rear hitch and the control valves, these ones available up to seven. The hydraulic circuit with 123 l/min (for 4 cyl models) flow rate allows several hydraulic implements to be used at the same time.


7-1457-1657-1757-1607- 1807-2007-2207-230
A-Max Lenght (with ballast weights) mm50705070507052605260526052605260
B-Min width  mm24302430243024302430243024302430
C-Wheelbase  mm26002600260028202820282028202820
D-Height over cab  mm29202920292029202920305530553055
E-Ground clearance  mm485485485485485550550550
Total Weight with empty tank, without ballast weights Kg64006400640070107010721072107210
Maximum Permissible Mass Kg1150011500115001150011500130001300013000



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