Table of contents:

      1. Processing for the well-being of plants
      2. Mechanical pruning: saving resources, with the right tools

Processing for the well-being of plants

Pruning is a strategic process for all plants, particularly for vineyards.

Here, pruning serves not only to give the plant a precise shape, but above all to ensure its strength and resistance to adversity. This operation is essential to regulate the production and quality of the vine itself, as it frees it from vegetative excesses that would deprive it of energy.

Although it is true that pruning is not primarily a summer operation, in the warmer months the topping phase is implemented during which the apical part of the branches is removed to stimulate growth, facilitate fructification and generally improve the health of the plant.

Pruning during the winter involves removing the dry, woody part of the plant, while summer activities aim to remove a healthy, green part. If it grows excessively, this part of the vine can get in the way of the passage of people and machinery, preventing the harvesting of grapes and other essential vineyard care operations.

Today, this operation is automated as much as possible by using tractors to pass between the rows. And here Landini has knowledge and experience!

Mechanical pruning: saving resources, with the right tools

Pruning machines allow the automation of operations in orchards, traditional tree plantations, or orchards and intensive espalier vineyards.

Thanks to the machines that can be connected to the tractor, it is possible to increase the efficiency of work while saving labour costs and time.

There are two main types of cutter bar: the toothed bar, perfect for branches with a diameter of just a few centimetres and annual pruning, and then the discs, designed for larger branches (up to 15 cm in diameter) and suitable for downsizing pruning (carried out years later).   It is also possible to use the so-called low pruners, which are used for undercutting in environments such as citrus groves, orchards and olive groves with pot planting. These are perfect tools for cutting the lower branches that extend towards the ground and take energy away from the plant.

Find out how to use the various mechanical pruning implements in combination with Landini tractors. Contact us for more detailed information!  

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