Landini Fella Swathers & Tedders

Main features


Sanos Tedders

TH 4504 DN Hydro
Three-point Mounting CATI+II
Working Width4.50
Width for transport2.55
Power rating22


TH 4504 DN Hydro Low weight and small compact transport position with low center of gravity provide more safety on steep slopes. Perfectly suitble for application on slopes. Provides smooth forage preperation, allowing an ideal spreading and proportional drying pattern snsuring an even moisture content. Oscillating head stock, low traction point and exact alignment in the center by menas of two telescopic rods with rubber damping elements. Adjusting device for spreading angle on running axle is standard so that the machine can be perfectly adapted to all forage conditions.

Juras Swathers

TS 351 DNTS 426 DN
Three-point Mounting CATI+III+II
Working Width3.604.20
Width for transport1.551.83
Power rating2030


TS 351 DN and TS 426 DN Window on right hand side, improve driver control. Wind row are fluffy and loose resulting in an even drying process giving a good formed bale. Closed gearbox, full tangential control system with steel rollers, greased cam track with greased bronze bushings. Conical centralised light metal housing are dust tight and greased. Strong single stage bevel gear and divided pinion shaft with three bearings.

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