Multifarm T2 and T3

Multifarm T2 and T3

The New Incoming


4400 / 4




Synchro Shuttle


Tiltablesteering adjuster Ergonomic levers position Safety frame locked Good rear mirror visibility Rear mirror support out of operator area Levers close to seat for friendly use

Perkins 4 CYL 4,4 litres Tier2 and Tier3

Multifarm 75

Perkins Engine: 1104C-44 (Tier2)

Max Power (ISO) HP/kW: 68,2 / 50,2

Max. Torque speed  Rpm: 1400

Turbo: NO

Fuel tank capacity STD+OPT  Lt: 65

Multifarm 90

Perkins Engine: 1104D-44 (Tier3)

Max Power (ISO) HP/kW: 82 / 62,3

Max. Torque speed  Rpm: 1400

Turbo: YES

Fuel tank capacity STD+OPT  Lt: 65

Mechanical transmission made in Italy

Synchro shuttle  4 gears / 3 ranges

12 + 12 in base, 16 + 16 with creeper (Option)

Available working speeds:

5 speeds between 4 and 12 [km/h]

Creeper min speed 360 [m/h] (Option)

Hydraulic System

Tandem pumps
42 for service [litres/min]
20 for steering [litres/min]
1 spool valve in base
Max 2 spool valves (1 option)


Multifarm 75Multifarm 90
Total length without / with front weights  mm3742 / 41453742 / 4145
Wheelbase (4WD)        mm21302130
Height to safety frame  mm2391 / 24412391 / 2441
Ground clearance  mm318 / 368318 / 368
Minimum width (Tyres 14.9 R28) mm16451645
Weight 4WD (Whithout Ballast)    Kg28602860


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