The Landini Service: all the tools to support your business

Service Landini

Responding in an ever more punctual, rapid and competent way to the requests of customers and dealers is the objective – subject to constant improvement – of our Landini Service.

You can count on top-notch support for your business where the professionalism and availability of our technical assistance team are combined with innovative digital tools – such as Argo Service 2.0 and Argo Report – through which our dealers can always guarantee precise and rapid solutions for your specific needs.

Let’s have a closer look at what these solutions consist of and what tools are available

The Technical Assistance Team: the human side of the Landini Service

Our dealers can rely on

Field support

Help Desk


This consists of travelling personnel who work to assist the dealers’ mechanics in the field, at all times This is the support service for travelling personnel and acts as a liaison with quality, production and engineering departments to facilitate product improvement This is the system that deals with the processing of complaints and the management of recovery campaigns

Tech Doc


This is the entire production of technical manuals, use and maintenance manuals, as well as workshop manuals We have set up a technical training service, also available on-line, dedicated to dealership mechanics and trainers of subsidiaries as well as importers

Argo Service 2.0 and Argo Report: technology at your service

Argo Service 2.0

The Argo Service 2.0 portal has been revamped with a responsive design that is perfectly usable on any device, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android systems. It is the tool dedicated to our dealers, constantly updated with quality content and new opportunities, with the aim of offering increasingly rapid and punctual solutions.

Thanks to Argo Service 2.0, dealers are always interconnected through the following services
ArgoSharing for sharing large files
ArgoTraining for the management of training courses, which allows courses for all tractor ranges to be viewed online, with direct registration, and the possibility of updating the attendance information for each mechanic.

The portal also provides real-time information on:
● bulletins and technical documentation (via tractor registration number)
● recall campaigns
● Kit requests
● tractor statistics and recalls, in the dedicated WebStatistics section of the portal

We are working to put training more and more at the heart of our services as a key activity to ensure full after-sales support to the customer.

The evolution of technologies increasingly centred on electronics makes it essential to continually update specialist skills.
For this reason, the new training section offers content that is always up to date and can be accessed at any time from the personnel area with
– content in language and in high video and audio quality
– quick-to-use video modules
– downloading of technical and educational material
– technical data sheets and illustrations

And much more.

Argo Report

Thanks to this service, every report you make immediately becomes our priority, as it allows our dealers to immediately contact the Argo Tractors service network to receive faster and more effective responses.

With Argo Report, we measure response performance in terms of time and quality in order to constantly improve the service.

Contact your dealer with any needs you may have: you will have access to trained personnel and all the most advanced tools to obtain the assistance you need. Find your nearest dealer now

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