Landini brings innovation and passion to Agritechnica

Technological innovation and a passion for work are the distinctive features of Landini tractors, a brand of the Argo Tractors group that can count on more than 100 years of experience and that has been able to make a name for itself worldwide, expanding its range to meet the demands of customers.

Indeed, Landini is known for the reliability, ease of use and constantly updated technology of its tractors, supported by excellent customer service. Versatility and simplicity go hand in hand with efficiency and comfort.

In addition to learning about the new products, visitors to the show will have the chance to get to know the world of Landini and the company Argo Tractors, an enterprise firmly founded on a business 4.0 model where technological improvement and innovation go hand in hand with an attention to the human factor and environmental sustainability. For the multinational company based in Fabbrico, Reggio Emilia, Italy the future is now, focused on developing an international network with the goal of acquiring new dealers and reinforcing its global leadership.


The Landini Rex 4, equipped with the Advanced Driving System, will be on display in Hanover. The Advanced Driving System is an innovative hybrid assisted-driving system that, thanks to cutting-edge mechatronic equipment, facilitates the operator in all manoeuvres in the field and on the road, where driving comfort is also increased both by the stiffening of the steering depending on the speed as is already the case for cars and by the automatic return of the wheels to their central position. It can also be connected to satellite guidance, memorisation and control of wheel positions during slope and in-furrow operation, and offsets the effects of external stresses on steering accuracy.

The versions available in Germany are the REX 4-120 GT (ideal for wide orchards), REX 4-100 S (for narrow orchards) and the REX 4-110 GE (for orchards, in a platform version suitable for moving easily under the branches of the rows).

Power ranges from 70 to 112hp thanks to Deutz AG engines equipped with an EGR & DOC exhaust gas treatment system without DPF and therefore without regeneration. The Engine Memo Switch is standard equipment and offers convenience in operations that require a specific engine rpm to be stored and recalled.

Optimal efficiency in field operation is ensured by a multi-function all-in-one joystick controlling hydraulics (up to 7 electro-hydraulic spool valves), electronic management of daily hours of operation, field and service registers via Landini Fleet Management protocol, as well as by the availability of real-time remote diagnosis.

Cabins with CAT 4 protection are equipped with a pressurisation system that insulates the operator’s area and protects it from harmful substances during chemicals application. The system operates on the inputs from an on-board control unit that monitors internal pressure and the efficiency of the activated charcoal filters.

The version with suspended axle is equipped with front disc brakes and electro-hydraulic diff-lock controlled for guaranteed efficiency. The steering angle ranges up to a maximum of 55° to facilitate manoeuvring in all terrains.

Hydraulic power is provided by a dual pump with 28 l/min capacity for the steering and a 50 l/min pump for hitch and spool valves. As an option, a triple pump is available to provide 41 l/min for rear loads and hitch and 41 l/min for the midmount control valves, for a total of 110 l/min.

2 Series: a modern, agile solution for confined spaces

Landini 2 Series is a modern, agile and compact solution available both in the standard version and in the “GE” configuration (platform only) that, thanks to an attentive design of the rear final drives and platform, allows for a lowered bed. This solution guarantees better performance in confined spaces (like in overhead trellis vineyards or in greenhouses) but is also practical for urban use for the treatment and maintenance of city gardens. The strengths of this series are its compactness and versatility.

Thanks to the 24″ rear tyres it is possible to reduce its overall dimensions (in width to 1,420 mm and in height at the steering wheel to just 1,230 mm).

Yanmar engines offer power from 44 hp to 51 hp, available in three models: 2-045, 2-050 (model on display in Hanover), 2-055 STD or GE. Equipped with 4 cylinders, aspirated and turbocharged, these engines guarantee high performance, reduced consumption and noise, large torque reserve and respect for the environment.

The four-pillar cabin increases visibility, making the tractor more agile and easier to handle. Featuring a modern design, it offers a new level of operator comfort with greater pressurisation, less noise and perfect working temperature thanks to the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The mechanical hitch with first category three-point linkage has a capacity of 1200 kg, while there are three additional spool valves (maximum configuration) with single and dual effect. Both controls are located to the right of the driver in an extremely ergonomic, intuitive position.

4D Series: a functional and robust range

Landini 4D Series in 4-WD version, platform or cabin, is equipped with Deutz Tier 4 engines (4-cylinder Turbo-Intercooler with 2 valves per cylinder and high pressure Common Rail electronic injection). Three models are available: 4-070D, 4-080D, 4-090D. The displacement is 2.9 litres with maximum powers of 70, 75 and 88 hp.

The efficient Deutz Common Rail injection system provides the engine with more power with lower fuel consumption, with considerable torque reserve and flexibility of use.

The mechanical transmission made in Italy by Argo Tractors features 4 gears and 3 speed ranges (with optional 300 m/h creeper).

Landini 4D Series is equipped with electro-hydraulic 4wd engagement in the 4RM versions, 1- or 2-speed synchronised PTO, an open centre hydraulic system with a 45 l/min flow rate serving the hitch and control valves and a rear hitch with a maximum capacity of 3,400 kg. There are 2 spool valves as standard on the platform version and up to 3 spool valves on the cabin version. On request, the hitch can be equipped with the Ergonomic Lift System that allows for a more comfortable use of the equipment.

5 Series: versatility and ease of maintenance

Landini 5 Series (available in models 100, 110 and 120) is the range of utility tractors. Extremely versatile, it is an excellent work companion for any type of activity, from arable operations – like soil preparation, seeding, management of the entire haymaking cycle – to livestock management. Designed and built to be able to handle all types of tasks with maximum reliability and an excellent level of comfort, the 5 Series is ideal for medium-sized farms that operate mainly independently and do not plan on making significant investments in machinery.

The engines are Deutz AG, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, 3.6 litre, Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection and EGR + DOC system to comply with the Stage 3B / Tier 4 Interim anti-pollution regulations.

The Total View Slim cabin ensures a 360° panoramic view and more comfortable working thanks to its large dimensions and perfectly soundproofed interior equipped with automotive quality materials. The rear and front windows have hopper openings to facilitate natural ventilation.

There are 8 transmission configurations available, starting with Speed Four with 12 FW + 12 RV with mechanical reverse shuttle, through to T-Tronic with 48 FW + 16 RV with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle, HML and Creeper. The PTO comes in 2 and 4-speed versions.

6H Series: reliability and comfort

Landini 6H Series is the symbol of versatility because it is able to carry out any type of work and because it allows for a very high level of customisation in order to better respond to the specific needs of each farm.

 The range is equipped with Deutz 3.6-litre Tier 4 Final engines as well as being fully compliant with the Mother Regulation. It includes the models 6-115H, 6-125H and 6-135H with maximum respective powers of 110hp, 119hp and 126hp.

The T-Tronic transmission is synonymous with efficiency: it triples the 12-speed Speed Four gears to 36 AV + 12 RM. The Creeper, available on request, increases the gears even more, reaching 48 AV + 16 RM, with a minimum speed of 310 m/h. The De-Clutch and Reverse Power Shuttle make it easier to respectively engage and reverse gears without using the clutch pedal. A potentiometer adjusts the aggressiveness of the reverse shuttle’s engagement according to the inertial load.

Landini Super Series for international markets

Landini Super Series, a range for international and emerging markets where the Landini brand is constantly expanding.

For markets in LRCs (Low-Regulated Countries) the Super Series represents a product that is increasingly in line with modernisation standards, with engines from 75 to 106 hp customised according to the different needs of the countries of destination.

100% Made in Italy, Landini Super Series combines power, reliability and versatility with the aim of achieving high performance in various agricultural operations. The aggressive look is in line with the modern Landini Family Feeling, and the attention to detail, performance and sturdy front axle meet the latest standards.

The gearbox is produced–in-house by Argo Tractors involving 4 gears and 3 ranges and different configuration possibilities: 12+4 base, 12+12 as option with Synchro shuttle, 16+16 with creeper.

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