Table of contents:

      1. The importance of maintenance
      2. Routine maintenance: small gestures, big results
      3. Landini Efficiency Plan: the perfect maintenance ally

The importance of maintenance

To work at full efficiency, a high quality tractor is required. But the performance of a given vehicle does not only depend on all its components and the way it is built. There is another factor of fundamental importance:maintenance. Just like our bodies, the tractor may or may not be in good shape and needs regular inspections and check-ups, as well as repairs and replacement of wear parts. Even careful, precise and prudent use of one’s tractor leads to normal, physiological deterioration of some of its parts, especially those subjected to greater stress. We at Landini consider precise and timely maintenance to be of great importance, which is why we want to give you valuable advice and practical help.

Routine maintenance: small gestures, big results

By carrying out regular checks on your machine, you can keep it in good condition and extend its life. Small daily actions, in fact, reduce the need for extraordinary interventions, which occur when a component is completely non-functional, resulting in higher costs. In addition, keeping your tractor in top condition, with small, regular care, leads to savings on fuel consumption.  

Landini Efficiency Plan: the perfect maintenance ally

Landini always wants to be by your side, even in the day-to-day running of your tractor. This is why we have introduced a great tool among our digital solutions: Landini Efficiency Plan. This digital solution, integrated in the My Landini app, allows you to conveniently schedule maintenance via your smartphone. A telematic vehicle monitoring system will alert you whenever routine maintenance is required, while at the same time indicating which original spare parts should be used to ensure that your tractor is always as efficient as possible, and quickly putting you in touch with your trusted dealer to organise a maintenance appointment.

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