Unrivalled utility

Landini presents the new utility 5-085, which makes versatility its winning asset. The new tractor is designed to perform a variety of tasks on the farm and in the fields: outstanding both in sheds and during transportation, agile during seeding and grass management, ideal for open field operations, such as ploughing, harrowing, mowing and baling. At a style level, 5-085 benefits from the new Landini Family Feeling, complete with LED lighting and also available with the BlueIcon fit and finish, the exclusive metallic blue livery combined with a wide range of specifications, already available on other Landini models.

Versatility its winning asset


3,4 / 4




Power Four & T-Tronic

Versatility is also maximised by the Landini front loader, which now features a dedicated ergonomic joystick. The loader is designed so that its frame does not reduce ground clearance and does not limit the steering angle range of the tractor. It also works in a linear and even manner thanks to the suspension with 2 nitrogen-charged accumulators placed between the cylinders. For maximum road safety, the IBS (Integrated Brake System) combines the rear brakes with the front oil-cooled brakes integrated within the axle, reducing the braking distance by 50%. The brakes engage in proportion to the effort applied to the pedals, allowing absolute braking accuracy. The front axle is small in size, with maximum focus on the compact design and agility of the machine. Its sturdy construction makes it reliable and stable whatever the work, from the use of the front lifting system to the front loader and transport activities. The 34” rear wheel provides greater clearance and more powerful traction, representing yet another best-in-class option for the Landini 5-085, an intelligent utility between the new Series 4 and the future Series 5, which highlights its outstanding versatility, thanks to the excellent weight-power ratio that makes it excellent during transport applications, even on hills.

Total View 4 Pillars Cab

The 4-post cab guarantees ultimate driving comfort as it maximises the glazed area providing an all-round view, it also absorbs oscillation and vibration thanks to 4 silent blocks, creating a protected working environment and impeccable sound insulation. The controls are ergonomically arranged, thanks also to the new joystick for quick and easy management of functions such as Hi-Lo and H-M-L transmission. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth. The roof is lowered for easy entry into tight spaces and it also has a transparent roof hatch, providing full visibility when working with the front loader.

FPT Engine

One of the main strengths of the new Landini 5-085 is the 3.4 litre, 4-cylinder and 8-valve FPT engineTurbo intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection, capable of exploiting the maximum from all the 75 HP available, to guarantee excellent pulling power and ease of operations even in difficult conditions. One of the unique features of this engine is the best-in-class 375 Nm torque at 1,400 rpm, which makes it similar to a much more powerful tractor. All this translates into efficiency, with considerable savings in terms of costs and time, complimented by a fuel tank with its 103-litre capacity that guarantees a full day’s work. Thanks to the EGR, DOC, DPF technology, the 5-085 is Stage V approved and complies with the anti-pollution legislation without SCR and without urea, hence ensuring a significant decrease in operating costs.

Manufacturer  FPT
Max power (97/68 CE - ISO TR 14396) hp/kW 75/56
Max torque at 1400 rpm   Nm 375
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves  4 / 3,4L / 8V


Power Four and T-Tronic transmission

For this range are available three transmissions: No. of gears - std 12FWD + 12REV with synchro shuttle / o RPS with modulation control No. of gears - option 1  24FWD + 24REV with RPS with modulation control & Hi-Lo No. of gears - option 2  36FWD + 12REV with RPS with modulation control & HML

The dual pump hydraulic circuit

The dual pump hydraulic circuit provides exceptionally efficient management of the 5 hydraulic spool valves (3 rear and 2 mid-mount) and the tools thanks to a dedicated flow rate of 56 l/min, while 30 litres are directed to the steering system.

Dimensions and weights

Wheelbase mm 2171
Max height over cab without beacon lights mm 2485 - misurato con pneumatici 280/85R24 - 420/85R30
Standard weight measured with average specs Kg 3700
Gross vehicle weight Kg 5800
Max front and rear tyre size - (IR) mm 380/70R24 (RI 575mm) - 480/70R34 (RI 750mm)


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