reliability is at the basis of every good job

The original.

Spare Parts Service works in order to guarantee to each tractor the highest level of reliability and efficiency during time, offering original components of first equipment.

Original replacement parts and service consumables such as oils and filters are essential for owners and operators who want to safeguard their tractors.

ARGO Tractors original parts are guaranteed to fit and perform according to the standards laid down by our engineers and are essential in achieving the highest levels of reliability, durability and efficient performance.

All ARGO Tractors original parts are guaranteed for 12 months and are easily identifiable because, together with customised packaging, each component has a unique part number, description and bar code, together with a tamper-proof hologram that certifies originality and our high quality standards.

Performance, reliability, safety


It is proved that to get the highest performance from our machine, each lubricant we use needs to be designed and developed alongside the machine itself. For this reason, Argo Tractors created AgroLube, the range of lubricating oils born from unique experience: more than 130 years of agricultural tractor production.

The portfolio of AgroLube lubricants is a complete range, which counts different product categories: from engine, shift, and transmission oils, to greases and engine coolant additives.

AgroLube offers the right lubricant for every machine and for every usage, with the aim of delivering the best performance even in the most severe working conditions, decreasing energy consumption, observing the standards of emissions set for environment safeguard.

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