Landini front loaders: solid performance


The new Landini front loader models will surprise you with their versatility, robustness and great performance. The new Landini loaders, divided into 5 product families, cover the entire range of tractors, from the 47 hp of the Mistral2 to the 240 hp of the Serie 7.

A compatibility of use that allows a great variety of uses: from all-round agriculture, to forest and municipal settings, maintenance of green areas and snowploughing.

Let’s find out together about all the characteristics

High performance and versatility for multiple uses

With 100% Made in Italy production, Landini front loaders are now available in the 5 Lp, Lt, Li, Lc and Compact families to meet different needs in terms of use and sturdiness.

In order to meet the most diverse requirements for use, the range is equipped with a wide choice of terminal implements such as

  • light-weight, multi-material and earth buckets
  • manure, bale and pallet forks

And in every application they provide the best performance such as excellent bucket self-levelling, high loading capacity and excellent height extension.

Landini’s range of front loaders is also painstaking in every detail: its top-level paintwork (blue or BlueIcon) remains unaltered even in the most extreme weather conditions, resisting wear and tear.

Series highlights

  1. Ergonomic joystick, for easy management of: up-downstroke; loading-unloading; third and fourth functions; Hi-Lo and H-M-L of the transmission.
  2. Protected crops: the loader frame does not reduce ground clearance.
  3. The loader does not limit the turning radius.
  4. Thanks to the shock absorber with 2 nitrogen accumulators, the loader works smoothly and consistently.
  5. Rigid pipes in the hydraulic circuit reduce overheating of the oil and facilitate maintenance.
  6. The loader is always perfectly under control thanks to the high-visibility transparent roofs on Landini tractors.
  7. It can also be fitted and used with a front hitch.
  8. The Euro-hitch coupling system allows for a wide range of terminal implements to be applied.
  9. Easy manoeuvring: the bucket dipstick helps to keep under control the implement’s angle to the ground.
  10. High load capacity: Domex or HLE steel frame with high elastic limit.


Landini tractors and loaders: the perfect match

Landini front loaders, designed to be fully compatible with their tractors, know how to enhance versatility, performance and longevity.

Each loader is supplied with either push-pull coupling presetting or a Faster multi-connection plate; in addition, the sides are designed to distribute the weight over 3 points: not only front and centre, but also at the rear. A solution that distributes the load over the entire tractor, placing less burden on the front axle to reduce wear.

Excellent visibility and safety

Landini cabs, designed to work at their best with the front loader, are equipped with roof hatches to ensure a full working view. In addition, they are FOPS-certified (Falling Object Protective Structure).

Terminal implements for all types of work

In combination with the loaders, Landini offers a wide range of high-performance terminal implements, capable of efficiently and precisely handling materials such as: fertiliser, silage, round bales and pallets.

Technical specifications

Ergonomically designed joystick

The loaders are controlled via an ergonomic joystick, which ensures easy handling of all functions.

When not fitted as original equipment, the Landini Joystick can be installed at a later date, by choosing from the different models available:

  1. TC Basic: It features an ergonomic design for maximum comfort in all conditions of use. Controls 2 hydraulic lines.
  2. TC Profi: Equipped with 3 buttons, it controls valves equipped with a third hydraulic line. The 2 side buttons can control the gear change.
  3. TC Advanced: Equipped with 8 buttons, it controls valves equipped with a third and fourth hydraulic line, or hydraulic terminal implement release. The 2 side buttons can control the gear change.
  4. TC Speed: Proportional electronic control communicating via CAN-bus. Controls electro-hydraulic valves

Quick coupling and uncoupling

The operator is at the centre. In line with this design philosophy, Landini has developed an advanced system for quickly attaching and detaching the loader to/from the tractor by simply operating a lever.
The operation takes only a few seconds. The multi-connection quick coupling plate, standard on Lp and Lt loaders, also allows all hydraulic pipes to be connected and disconnected in one movement.

Three types of levelling

Loader levelling can be carried out with

  • manual system: during loading and unloading operations, the operator uses careful joystick movements to bring the implement back to a position parallel to the ground
  • Mechanical self-levelling: the implement is automatically levelled using tie rods on the loader arms, without having to use the joystick. This system ensures less stress for the operator when working.
  • hydraulic self-levelling: automatic levelling is carried out using the hydraulic system, which activates a compensating ram located underneath the implement. For the operator this means less workload and less fatigue.

The various systems allow the implement to be returned to a position parallel to the ground when moving the arms.

Easy maintenance

The sides of every Landini front loader are designed to allow easy access to all tractor routine maintenance points: a real help, which can save precious time.

caricatori frontaliLoader technologies


Thanks to an optimised suspension system, the loader operates smoothly and consistently.

Absorbing shocks and vibrations protects the loader and tractor, reduces tyre wear and decreases operator fatigue, thereby promoting efficiency. Suspension is standard on all Lp and Lt models and optional for the other ranges.

Third function and third+fourth function

The range has third function and third + fourth function options, which are necessary when using terminal implements equipped with hydraulic loads. The third function is required for implements such as buckets and forks with retainers, grapple buckets and forks with sideshift.

The third + fourth function is used for more complex implements, such as bale forks with elevation and translation.

QCR Flash, for the third hydraulic line

The QCR Flash solution is dedicated to the connection of the terminal implement with a third hydraulic line. The implement hydraulic system is engaged in one simple movement, even when the system is pressurised..

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