Serie 5

Serie 5

Landini Serie 5 tractors, capable of surprising

Boasting performance comparable to higher power tractors, the new Serie 5 is a truly versatile utility tractor. Ideal for soil preparation activities like ploughing, tilling and harrowing, this handy tractor is equally perfect for sowing and haymaking. It will also handle with ease the most demanding livestock tasks and transport operations. The Serie 5 tractor is built to perform a wide variety of jobs with maximum efficiency and reliability, while providing automotive-style superior comfort.

The Serie 5 tractor will surprise you with its reliable performance, exceptional versatility and automotive-style comfort, making it the perfect workmate for your daily farming activities


3,6 / 4


95 102 114


Speed Four + T-Tronic

Designed with versatility in mind, the Serie 5 is highly customizable to meet each farmer’s specific needs

Total View Slim cab

With the Total View Slim suspended cab and the front suspended axle, which isolate the operator from shocks and vibrations generated by uneven terrain, the new Serie 5 achieves the goal of increasing productivity while reducing operator fatigue during long working days in the field. In addition, a new highly-efficient sound insulation system further reduces the noise level inside the cab. Everything inside the Total View Slim cab is designed to enhance operator comfort and convenience. The flat floor and the roomy interior create a spacious feel. The driver’s seat is available with air suspension system and the telescopic tilt-adjustable steering column tilts with the instrument cluster. All controls are ergonomically placed and intuitive to operate. The interior with automotive-grade fit and finish and the roof-integrated air-conditioning system maintain a comfortable working environment all year round. The four-post cab design with its all-round glazing provides unobstructed view in every direction, making manoeuvring in tight spaces and at headlands easier and safer, while a transparent roof hatch provides extra visibility for loader operation. Up to 10 LED work lights ensure optimum illumination of the working area at night.

FPT F36 Engine: built for ultimate efficiency

To meet the requirements of the new Stage V/Tier4 Final emissions regulations, Landini redesigned the engine/transmission combination of the Serie 5 tractor in order to keep performance and efficiency at peak levels. The exhaust gas after-treatment system is no longer mounted onto the cab right post, but has been moved under the hood to provide full visibility during work. The new Serie 5 tractors are powered by FPT F36 3.6L four-cylinder turbo engines with multivalve technology, intercooler and common rail injection system. The three models in the range deliver 95, 102 and 114 hp and meet the Stage V/Tier 4 Final emissions regulations using DOC, DPF and SCR after-treatment technologies.

  5-100  5-110 5-120 
Manufacturer  FPT FPT FPT
Max power (ISO/TR 14396)  hp/kW 95,2/70 102/75 114/84
Max torque at 1400 rpm Nm 395 430 460
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 4 / 3,6L / 16 4 / 3,6L / 16 4 / 3,6L / 16


A configurable transmission to suit every need

Designed with versatility in mind, the Serie 5 offers up to eight transmission configurations to meet the specific needs of each farm: 1. Speed Four: 12FWD + 12REV speeds with synchro shuttle. 2. Speed Four: 24FWD + 24REV speeds with synchro shuttle and creeper. 3. Power Four with hydraulic Hi-Lo: 24FWD + 24REV speeds with synchro shuttle. 4. Power Four with hydraulic Hi-Lo: 32FWD + 32REV speeds with synchro shuttle and creeper. 5. Power Four with hydraulic Hi-Lo: 24FWD + 24REV speeds with power shuttle. 6. Power Four with hydraulic Hi-Lo: 32FWD + 32REV speeds with power shuttle and creeper. 7. T-Tronic with HML powershift: 36FWD + 12REV speeds with power shuttle. 8. T-Tronic with HML powershift: 48FWD + 16REV speeds with power shuttle and creeper. Landini has further upgraded its range of rugged and reliable transmissions to enhance their performance in terms of power transmitted and fuel efficiency.

New hydraulic system for enhanced productivity

The open-centre hydraulic system of the Serie 5 tractor can be equipped with up to 3 pumps with a total flow rate of 82 l/min. This increased hydraulic capacity allows the operator to:

  1. speed up work;
  2. carry out multiple tasks simultaneously;
  3. perform heavier-duty tasks;
  4. reduce consumption thanks to lower rpm engine operation;
  5. increase comfort and reduce fatigue thanks to lower engine noise and vibration;
  6. turn smoothly, including when performing heavy-duty tasks, thanks to a 32 l/min dedicated steering pump

The Serie 5 can be equipped with up to six remote valves. Three valves are mechanically operated and one is electronically controlled. Two additional mid-mount remotes allow the use of front-mounted implements such as the front loader. One valve can be optionally equipped with a flow divider that splits and directs the flow to two separated outlets. The Serie 5 can be equipped with four types of remote valves that can be used in combination to suit different application needs: - Standard: double-acting; - Kick-out: with automatic detent release; - Float: for implements following the ground contour; - Hydraulic/Floating: for the use of implements requiring a hydraulic motor

Dimensions and weights

  5-100  5-110 5-120 
Wheelbase  mm  2355 2355 2355
Max height over cab without beacon lights mm 2623 - measured with tires 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 2623 - measured with tires 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 2623 - measured with tires  380/70R24 - 480/70R34
Standard weight measured with average specs Kg 4000 4000 4000
Gross vehicle weight Kg 7000 7000 7000
Max front and rear tire size - (Index radius - IR) mm 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 (IR 750 mm) 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 (IR 750 mm) 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 (IR 750 mm)


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