Trekker3 Compact

Trekker3 Compact

The most compact crawler tractor in its class

Landini expands its range of crawler tractors with the innovative Trekker3 Compact, a tracked tractor specially designed for use in narrow-row orchards and vineyards. Compact, nimble and efficient, the Trekker3 Compact will tackle tough terrains and steep inclines with ease, reaching where conventional tractors cannot reach. This new range consists of a single 3-085 model available in two versions: COMPACT and COMPACT S. The difference is the width of the soles. In the COMPACT version the width in mm is 280 - 310 (steel) / 300 (rubber) while for COMPACT S it is only 250 mm, with this configuration the soles are only available in steel.

Manoeuvrability, agility and safety


2,5 / 4




Speed Four

With a minimum width of only 1150 mm and a ground clearance of 230 mm, the Trekker3 Compact ensures excellent manoeuvrability, agility and safety, delivering high levels of efficiency even in the most challenging conditions. Thanks to a wide range of rubber and steel tracks to suit every need, the Trekker3 Compact always ensures a traction comparable to higher-horsepower conventional tractors, while minimising soil compaction.

Driving position

The platform is suspended on Hydro silent blocks to isolate the driving position from engine heat and to reduce vibrations generated by rough terrain and mechanical parts, ensuring a level of comfort never before achieved.

Kohler engines

The new super compact STAGE V KOHLER KDI 2504 2.5-litre, 75-hp, four-cylinder turbo aftercooled engine with common rail injection system is designed for maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance.

  Trekker 3-085 COMPACT Trekker 3-085 COMPACT S
Manufacturer Kohler Kohler
Model KDI 2504 TCR KDI 2504 TCR
Max Power (ISO) CV/kW 75/55 75/55
Max Torque   Nm 315 315
Displacement (cm3) 2500 2500
Cylinders/ Valves 4 TA / 16 4 TA / 16
Fuel tank L 45 45


Speed Four transmission

The rugged Speed Four transmission with synchro shuttle offers four synchronised gears and two mechanical ranges. The creeper provides up to 16 FWD + 8 REV gears and allows a minimum speed of 300 m/h.

Dimensions and weights

  Trekker 3-085 COMPACT Trekker 3-085 COMPACT S
Min-max overall width mm 1260-1290 (metallic) / 1280 (rubber) 1150
Shipping weight Kg 3250 3150


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