Serie 7 SWB

Serie 7 SWB

Landini Series 7 Short Wheelbase

Landini Series 7 Short Wheelbase is the latest in the high power Stage V emission segment. More versatile and easy to handle than its long-wheelbase counterpart, the Serie 7 SWB tractor is ideal to carry out field works in spring and autumn when the soil is wet and a light footprint is essential. The design of the Serie 7 SWB impresses with its clean, dynamic lines. The one-piece bonnet has been redesigned to improve operator’s visibility to the front. The new 90-degree tilting bonnet and the easy-clean radiator coolers allow for fast and easy maintenance. The spacious and comfortable cab features a high-grade fit and finish and up to 20 full-LED work lights, 12 of which fitted on the cab roof, for reliable lighting during night work.

Superb performance and manoeuvrability in the field


4,5 / 6,7 / 4 and 6

4,5 / 6,7 / 4 and 6


166 175

166 175




The wheelbase is 2,651mm for the 4-cylinder, offering increased stability during field and front loader operations. The wheelbase of the 6-cylinder version is 2,760 mm. Common to both models is a maximum allowed weight of 11,500 Kg and a maximum rear wheel of 710/60R38, which offers greater stability and comfort during transport, less soil compaction in field operations.

Lounge Cab, the control centre of your productivty

With its four-post design and rear-hinged doors, the Lounge Cab of the Serie 7 SWB tractor offers the operator a spacious and comfortable working environment and provides unobstructed view in all directions. The mechanical cab suspension and the front axle with independent suspensions reduce vibration levels within the cab and improve stability on all terrains, allowing the operator to fully concentrate on productivity. Wide-opening doors and a hide-away buddy seat make for easy access to the cab. The cab interior is roomy, well-lit and comfort - able. In addition, an excellent sound insulation system maintains an in-cab noise level of only 70 dB. The high-quality, automo - tive-grade fit and finish with easy-clean soft-touch materials further enhances the operator’s comfort. The steering wheel is adjustable in tilt and reach and tilts with the instrument panel. The Alcantara-upholstered driver’s seat is equipped with swivel function, air suspension system, backrest ventilation and electrical height adjustment, offering the operator true first-class comfort.

The innovative onboard technology improves performance and comfort. Keeping everything under control has never been so easy: the controls on the multifunction armrest are intuitive, servo-assisted and arranged according to anthropometric principles; the EasyPilot hand controller is easy to set up; the new functions of the 12-inch DSM touch screen display allow the user to customise and speed up the operation of the Serie 7 SWB in order to maximise efficiency and profitability. The Lounge Cab is equipped with a wide range of features: refrigerated bottle holder and in-cab storage compartments; charging sockets for mobile devices; radio with DAB+, Mp3, Bluetooth and microphone; interior mirror. An efficient air distribution system with eight vents ensures uniform ventilation for a comfortable working environment all year round. Up to 20 full-LED work lights, 12 of which on the cab roof, provide optimum illumination of the work area, while two rear view cameras cover blind spots. An opening transparent hatch on the cab roof provides extra visibility for loader operation.

New FTP NEF 45 and FTP NEF 67

The new FPT NEF engines give you all the power, torque and reliability required to perform every task with best-in-class efficiency. The Serie 7 SWB tractor range is powered by two self-supporting engines:

  • FPT NEF 67: 6.7-litre, 24-valve, 6-cylinder engine.
  • FPT NEF 45: 4.5-litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine.

Both models are equipped with turbocharger, intercooler, electronic common rail injection system and comply with Stage V emissions regulations using the innovative Hi-eSCR2 after-treatment technology. The common rail and the Hi-eSCR2 system reduce fuel consumption by 10% compared to equivalent tractors. During transport applications and PTO operations, the Engine Power Management system (EPM) controls torque variations and eliminates power losses to maintain a constant speed. The system responds to varying load conditions by delivering an additional 10 horsepower, which increases the engine power to 175 hp and 165 hp, respectively

  7-165 Robo-Six 7-175 Robo-Six 7-170 Robo-Six 7-180 Robo-Six  7-175 V-Shift 7-180 V-Shift
Engine type - Installation NEF 45 - motore strutturale NEF 45 - motore strutturale NEF 67 - motore strutturale NEF 67 - motore strutturale NEF 45 - motore strutturale NEF 67 - motore strutturale
Max Power (97/68 CE - ISO TR 14396) hp/kW 155/114 166/122 155/114 166/122 166/122 166/122
Max power with EPM (97/68 CE - ISO TR 14396) hp/kW 165/122 176/129 165/122 176/129 176/129 176/129
Max torque without EPM (with EPM) at 1400 rpm  Nm 652 (676) 700 (700) 652 (676) 694 (737) 700 (700) 694 (737)
Cylinders/ Displacement / Valves 4 / 4,5 l / 16 4 / 4,5 l / 16 6 / 6,7 l / 24 6 / 6,7 l / 24 4 / 4,5 l / 16 6 / 6,7 l/ 24


Two transmissions available

There are two transmissions available: V-Shift (for the higher powers) and Robo-Six (for all four powers in the range). V-Shift, with 4-stage continuously variable transmission, guarantees top-of-the-range response. The speed ranges from a minimum of 0.04 km/h to a maximum of 50 km/h. The Robo-Six transmission, on the other hand, features 6 Powershift gears under load, 5 robotised ranges and electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle on the steering wheel. The total gears are 30 Forward + 15 Reverse, which become, with the Creeper, 54 Forward + 27 Reverse. The Stop & Action system integrates the De-Clutch into the brake pedal, allowing the tractor to be stopped without depressing the clutch for easier driving on the road. Combination use of the Stop & Action and APS (Auto Powershift) systems allows the Robo-Six transmission to be driven in a similar way as the continuously variable transmission version.

The closed-centre hydraulic system

The Serie 7 SWB tractor features a high-quality hydraulic system with closed-centre load-sensing (CCLS) technology. The variable-displacement axial pump delivers the required oil flow to the remote valves only when demanded by the operator; this eliminates unnecessary power waste and reduces fuel consumption thereby increasing productivity. The system supplies up to 160 l/min, allowing the efficient use of rear and front implement combinations. The steering pump provides a flow rate of 52 l/min.

The Serie 7 SWB features a highly-configurable hydraulic system that enables the tractor to be precisely tailored to the user’s individual needs.

Version with console: This configuration offers up to three mechanical remotes plus two electrohydraulic remotes controlled by the intuitive EasyPilot controller. A three-way flow divider with six quick couplings operates up to three hydraulic functions via a flow selector.

Version with multifunction armrest: This configuration offers up to five electronic remote valves plus a flow divider with six quick-release couplings for precise and efficient operation of all hydraulic functions.

Dimensions and weights

  7-165 Robo-Six 7-175 Robo-Six 7-170 Robo-Six 7-180 Robo-Six 7-175 V-Shift 7-180 V-Shift
Wheelbase mm 2651 2651 2760 2760 2651 2760
Shipping weight - measured with average specs  Kg 6400 6400 6700 6700 6700 7000
Gross vehicle weight  Kg 11500 11500 11500 11500 11500 11500
Max front and rear tyre sizes - (Index Radius - IR) mm 600 / 60R28 (RI 675) - 710 / 60R38 (RI 875) 600 / 60R28 (RI 675) - 710 / 60R38 (RI 875)


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