Serie 6RS

Serie 6RS

The new 6RS Robo-Six Stage V Series, versatility, performance and comfort

One of the main innovations is the new 6RS Robo-Six Stage V Series, designed for customers looking for versatility, performance and comfort. This tractor is ideal for open field work, forage applications, road transport and farm handling.

Design, ergonomics, comfort and technology


4,5 / 4


135 146 155



Design, ergonomics, comfort and technology applied to improving working conditions are the other features that make the 6RS Robo-Six the ideal partner in the field and in your farm.

“Landini High Vision” cab

A distinctive feature of the new “Landini High Vision” cab is the FOPS-homologated panoramic roof and the hatch for natural ventilation which enhance the tractor’s performance when using the L40 front loader for bales handling. Also worth mentioning are the LED headlights. Up to 14 headlights are available, of which are incorporated in the roof to provide excellent night vision. The cab sports a mechanical suspension that, combined with the suspended front axle with independent arms further improves driving comfort. The cab is designed with high quality automotive-derived materials. The same attention to design and functionality is found in the control instrumentation with its fully ergonomic design, a 12-inch touch screen monitor and all-in-one multifunction joystick.

FPT NEF 45 engines

Stage V emission compliant thanks to the exhaust gas post-treatment system, the range features the 6-135 RS, 6-145 RS and 6-155 RS models, powered by 4.5 litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder FPT NEF 45 engines, with power outputs of 135hp145hp and 155hp.

  6-135 RS 6-145 RS 6-155 RS
Max power with EPM (ISO/TR 14396) hp/kW 135/100 146/107 155/114
Engine speed at max power rpm 1800 1800 1800
Max torque without EPM (with EPM) at 1400 rpm 520 (551) 551 (610) 600 (630)
Manufacturer FPT FPT FPT
Cylinders/ Displacement / Valves 4 / 4,5 l / 16 4 / 4,5 l / 16 4 / 4,5 l / 16


The Robo-Six transmission

The Robo-Six transmission with 6 Power Shift gears and 4 ranges offers 24 + 24 speeds, which rise to 40 + 40 when the Creeper is fitted. Two pre-programmed working modes optimise engine efficiency: these are Eco and Power, with the first geared towards keeping consumption down and the second focusing on ensuring maximum performance to speed up the completion of the current task. Power output is enhanced by the 4-speed PTO.

The closed-centre hydraulic system

The closed-centre hydraulic system features a 114 l/min pump capable of handling up to 7 spool valves (electronic and mid-mounted ones) and an electronically controlled rear hitch with a maximum capacity of 7,200 kg. The front hitch lifts up to 2,500 kg.

Dimensions and weights

   6-135 RS   6-145 RS  6-155 RS
Wheelbase mm 2560 2560 2560
Shipping weight - measured with average specs Kg 5500 5500 5500
Gross vehicle weight Kg 9500 9500 9500
Max front tyre sizes - (Index Radius - IR) mm 520/60R28 (RI 650) 520/60R28  (RI 650) 520/60R28  (RI 650)
Max rear tyre sizes - (Index Radius - IR) mm 650/60R38 (RI 825) 650/60R38 (RI 825) 650/60R38 (RI 825)


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