Landini REX4 Full Hybrid

The design of the new REX4 Full Hybrid tractor involved developing a series of innovative technologies aimed at optimising mechanical systems, recovering energy and managing power flows in the various electrical devices. All of this is a remarkable accomplishment, but is also an exceptional landmark for the future development of these machines, with increasingly sophisticated, cutting-edge and invaluable functions for the user and the environment.

The Full Hybrid project, capable of delivering a total power output of 80kW, features a 55 kW diesel engine combined with an electric permanent magnet Booster motor with a power output of up to 50 kW. Full Hybrid operation delivers 55 kW from the internal combustion engine combined with 25 kW of electrical power, while a nominal power of 50 kW can be reached (with a peak of 65kW) in Full Electric mode.

Landini REX4 Electra – Evolving Hybrid receives EIMA Technical Innovation Award 2020-21

The prestigious Eima International Technical Innovation Award has gone to Landini again.

After winning with their Advanced Driving System in 2018, the Argo Tractors group is once again honoured with the award thanks to the Electra – Evolving Hybrid system, also intended for the Landini REX4, which is to take centre stage both at Eima Digital, the preview scheduled on a web platform from 11 to 15 November.

Intended for orchards and vineyards, Landini REX4 has already gained a reputation for its handling prowess and ease of use, which combine with astoundingly thrifty running costs to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Such qualities are coupled with solutions that also look to increase the efficiency of the tractor system and further improve comfort during the long hours spent driving the tractor.