Telematics-based Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of tractors is not always easy, especially when the plots of lands to be worked are far from one another.
Regardless of how many pieces of machinery are in the fleet, keeping track of movements, consumption, servicing, the work carried out daily and monthly, making forecasts for the next operations in order to optimise costs and returns are all challenging tasks.
In addition, until recently it was impossible to gather real-time information for fleet management: how are your operators working? Where are they and are they following the work schedule? How much fuel have they consumed and what is the efficiency rate of the operation? What is the state of the machines, do they have any problems that require your attention?
With this in mind, we present to you our latest development in telematic technologies Landini Fleet Management, an irreplaceable tool that provides an up-to-date overview at all times.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is a telematic system designed to monitor key fleet activities to help you use machinery and equipment as effectively as possible.
Its communication protocols and the satellite systems for the geolocation of the machines make available a large amount of information and data collected by tractor and equipment sensors.

Fleet Management lets you monitor the operation of fleet machines in real time from the comfort of your office, on your PC or mobile device.


What are the advantages of Fleet Management?

Fleet Management systems let you manage your fleet more easily and efficiently. They can help you in your work in 3 different ways:

  1. real-time fleet monitoring, as you receive constantly updated information and data on the activity of your machines;
  2. analysis of the data collected to help you calculate and optimise your operating costs;
  3. remote diagnostics and servicing, to identify and resolve any issues with the machines.

Real-time fleet monitoring

The satellite system enables you to track the movements of the entire fleet on one map and displays the exact position of each individual tractor. The information is retained and stored in chronological order.
The full information on the state of tractors is available in real time: speed, engine rpm, work progress, hourly consumption, average consumption, and many other parameters, including the total average consumption of the entire fleet.
In addition, the Fleet Management system lets you outline fields accurately and store the data relating to operations, which may come handy for later.
Monitoring operations enables you to reduce margins of error, optimise efficiency and make the necessary adjustments in areas or tasks that require greater attention.

Analysis of collected data

The Fleet Management system offers you the data you need for a business-like management of the fleet, with itemised operating costs and the annual costs for each field for you to precisely determine the profit margins of your business.
Based on the data obtained, you can calculate the hourly, daily and monthly consumption of each individual tractoras well as the average and total consumption of the entire fleet. You can also determine how many hours each tractor has spent in a field and the level of effort required by that operation.
Based on this information, you can determine the costs of each operation and adjust final prices accordingly. In addition, you will obtain the information required to determine the productivity and performance of each machine.
The Fleet Management system offers you all the tools you need to make forecasts for the next operations and adjust your work schedule as required.

Remote diagnostics and servicing

Another great advantage offered by Fleet Management is tractor diagnostics, which gives you the ability to monitor machine condition and make use of remote servicing.
The telematic system makes it possible to remotely view key information on machine condition to do a full tractor check-up.
The remote management software helps you carry out maintenance operations and troubleshoot problems.
This gives you an immediate benefit: any abnormal operation of the tractor is easily and quickly identified and servicing becomes faster and more efficient. This way, you can ensure that a machine is kept in good working order so as to extend its life and optimise performance and efficiency, with the resulting economic benefits.

The Fleet Management system gives you full control over your fleet of tractors and enables you to monitor machine position and work progress, identify and resolve potential problems of the machines, and do it all conveniently from your office desk.
This way, you can optimise returns and costs more rapidly and efficiently and in greater detail. Not to mention the benefits of taking better care of tractor condition, which guarantees longer service life.

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