Landini warranty extension: we protect your tractor

Estensione di garanzia trattori Landini

We understand that purchasing a tractor is a major investment for those operating in the field of agriculture. That’s why we decided to propose a solution aimed at protecting this investment: a warranty extension of up to 5 years or 5,000 working hours.

We want to show how confident we are in the quality of our products, so we’ve decided to offer our customers this form of added security, thus helping them avoid unanticipated expenses and providing longer lasting protection for their tractor’s components. Several major car manufacturers have also recently begun offering warranty extension programmes: a commercial decision that offers a two-fold advantage, as it demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to helping the customer protect the value of their investment.

The warranty extension programme is managed directly by the parent company, and offers numerous advantages for customers:

  • specialised Landini technicians, who have undergone specific training on Landini tractors and are capable of promptly responding to every need
  • use of original spare parts, the same components installed at the time of delivery, designed to keep Landini tractors in optimal working condition
  • for tractors equipped with telemetry, the same technicians will also be able to remotely monitor their functionality, and will soon be able to provide predictive diagnostic services, thus allowing for interventions to be carried out aimed at preventing unexpected breakdowns.

estensione di garanzia trattori Landini

The extended warranty package can be customised based on the needs of each individual company and tractor model.

The choice can be made at the time of purchase, or else when the tractor is delivered and the warranty begins: customers can ask their trusted dealers to extend the warranty period from the usual 12 months (or 24 months for high-power tractors), up to 3, 4 or 5 years, or else from the standard 2,000 working hours, up to a total of 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 working hours.

Once the customer has activated the extended warranty programme, the tractor must undergo all the necessary scheduled maintenance interventions, which will ensure that it is always kept in good working order, and will provide for an excellent resale value if the customer should decide to resell their tractor.

Protect your tractor’s components longer, avoid unanticipated expenses, and guarantee the value of your investment; contact your Landini dealer to find out about all the benefits of the warranty extension programme:

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