Efficiency, comfort and safety: high performance with the Landini crawler

Landini crawler tractors are the perfect partner for all work on difficult, rough, wet, steeply sloping or particularly narrow terrain. Landini’s crawler track system guarantees stability and reliability, without losing efficiency and performance. Boasting excellent grip on the ground, thanks to its low centre of gravity, making it the best solution for activities requiring considerable traction force and for transporting materials.


Let us discover together the universe of solutions packed into a single vehicle.


Table of contents:

    1. The future is today with Trekker4
    2. VERSATILITY: a model for every requirement (of both the driver and the terrain!)
    3. COMFORT: quality work produces quality results

The future is today with Trekker4

This year’s big debut at Landini: The Stage V-emission compliant Trekker4.

Featuring cutting-edge innovations from the work of the research and development team at Argo Tractors, this Landini crawler tractor is equipped with a passive regeneration DPF filter, a DOC oxidation catalyst and (for models with over 56 kW of power) an SCR selective emission reduction catalyst with a 10.5 litre AdBlue tank and 85 litre fuel tank.



Considerable advantages – even with respect to the competition – set the Trekker4 apart:

  • 16+8-speed transmission operating via a synchro reverse shuttle, configurable with overdrive, capable of reaching 15 kilometres per hour, or with the creeper, for a minimum speed of 300 metres per hour
  • Dual-pump hydraulic circuit (28 l/min for steering and 42 l/min for services) with a basic equipment of 3 rear hydraulic spool valves to which two optional valves can be added, making a total of 5 with 6 front repeated quick couplings and flow regulator
  • Rear hitch with a load-bearing capacity of up to 4,500kg further enhanced with the ELS (Ergonomic Lift System) option – available on request



VERSATILITY: a model for every requirement (of both the driver and the terrain!)

Landini’s crawler tractors are designed and built to be the epitome of efficiency and reliability even in extreme conditions. This is why two versions, both with steel or rubber tracks, have been manufactured, for orchards (F) and mountains (M), capable of responding to the needs of the operator as well as the terrain itself.

F VERSION: this is the Landini crawler tractor model specially designed for operation in orchards, perfect for working between narrow rows.

The tracks have a width of 1,100 mm and the semi-lubricated steel tracks range from 310 to 360 mm in width.

The rubber soles are 400 mm wide, with a track width of 1,132 mm.

M VERSION: this is the Landini crawler tractor model designed for steep slopes and therefore indispensable for use in the mountains.

With this model, the tracks offer a width of 1,300 mm and the semi-lubricated steel tracks are available in sizes ranging from 400 to 450 mm in width.

The 400 mm rubber soles are also available in this version.



COMFORT: quality work produces quality results

At Landini, the focus is always on people: when building a new tractor, the operator’s well-being comes first, because we know the value of work done in total safety and comfort.

It is precisely for this reason that Landini‘s new crawler tractor models feature a fundamental innovation concerning the platform, which is now completely suspended from the undercarriage and engine compartment. An innovative solution that provides total insulation from heat and vibration, qualitatively improving the time spent in the driver’s seat – the place where the operator spends the majority of the working day.

However, the improvements for the farmer in terms of increased work quality do not end there. Thanks to the optimised driver’s seat and the redesign of the side control console, visibility to the front and sides has been improved. In addition, the new 6-post cab designed to protect the operator from dust, noise and the weather will be available on request, equipped with a category 2 filtration system, air conditioning and radio.

Finally, the new dashboard – the emblem of Landini’s ergonomic innovation – has controls that follow the basic principles of ergonomics and features digital instrumentation that allows the main working parameters to be monitored.

At Landini, innovation means increasing the productivity, performance and technology of our tractors while maintaining the operator’s well-being and quality of work as a constant objective.

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