Landini MISTRAL2, the ultimate compact tractor

The new Mistral2 offers unrivalled performance and environmental friendliness in a compact package, confirming once again the outstanding quality of Landini specialty tractors. Compact and nimble, the Mistral2 provides excellent manoeuvrability and reduced soil compaction, making it ideal for orchard and vineyard work as well as for vegetable farming, greenhouse operation and overhead trellis systems. Also, its small size and agility make the Mistral2 a great choice for municipal applications such as maintenance of green spaces, snow removal and salt spreading, while its light footprint helps protect the turf on golf courses, parks and gardens.

Agility and compactness


1,9 / 3


49 57


Speed Four transmission

Available in two models, the 2-055 and the 2-060, the Mistral2 is a true champion of verstility that will handle all kinds of tasks and field conditions with ease and efficiency. Each model comes in two versions designed for different applications:

- STD version: ideal for field vegetable growing, narrow-row orchards and vineyards; also available with high-visibility cab.

- GE version: designed for vegetable growing under glass, low vineyards and orchards, and overhead trellis systems.

Foldable rops and high-visibility cab

The ROPS version of the Mistral2 is designed to ensure optimal space distribution while offering a perfect blend of style and functionality. The tractor’s low profile with sleek, dynamic lines allow the Mistral2 to move nimbly under low-hanging branches and between narrow rows. The driving position is spacious, comfortable and safe, and ensures exceptional all-round visibility. Combining a compact size with well thought-out ergonomics and powerful performance, the Mistral2 knows how to increase your productivity.

Farmars spend long hours on tractors, so a comfortable working environment can make all the difference in terms of operator fatigue and efficiency. Featuring an automotive-grade fit and finish, the cab of the Mistral2 offers a comfortable and safe working environment in all weathers and conditions. The four-post design with rear-hinged doors provides ease of access to the driving position and offers unequalled all-round visibility. Inside the cab everything is well thought out and designed: the driving position is fully adjustable, the steering column can be tilted to suit the driver’s needs, all control levers and pedals are ergonomically positioned and the digital instrument panel keeps the operator constantly informed on the tractor performance. The cab of the Mistral2 is FOPS certified to protect operator from branches, stones and other falling objects, making it ideal for forestry applications and for use on rocky terrain.

Powerful eco-friendly engine

The Mistral tractor range from Landini evolves in the pursuit of optimum performance and environmental sustainability. Powered by a Kohler KDI 1903 TCR three-cylinder turbo aftercooled engine that delivers 49 hp and 57 hp and meets Stage V emissions regulations, the Mistral2 is the most powerful Mistral ever. The Kohler engine is equipped with common rail technology and delivers instant throttle response and high horsepower in any application. With a maximum torque of 180 Nm for the 2-055 and 200 Nm for the 2-060 and up to 37 percent torque backup, the Mistral2 ensures reliable performance and efficiency in any situation.The 40-litre fuel tank makes for long operating times between refuelling stops. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced with the Engine Memo switch which saves engine speed settings for quick retrieval later. This feature simplifies and speeds up work, reducing operator stress. The exhaust after-treatment system with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and passive-regeneration diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces downtime, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturer Kohler Kohler Kohler Kohler
Engine type KDI 1903 TCR KDI 1903 TCR KDI 1903 TCR KDI 1903 TCR
Max power (ISO) CV/kW 49 / 36 57 / 42 49 / 36 57 / 42
Engine speed at max power rpm 2600 2600 2600 2600
Max torque  Nm 180 200 180 200
Engine speed at max torque rpm 1200 1200 1200 1200
Cylinders / Valves - Displacement cm³ 3 / 12 - 1900 3 / 12 - 1900 3 / 12 - 1900 3 / 12 - 1900
Emissions category Stage V Stage V Stage V Stage V

The Speed Four transmission

Only true classics can stand the test of time. The Speed Four transmission, entirely designed and constructed in Italy by Landini, is one of the strong points of the Mistral2. Rugged, efficient and versatile, the Speed Four transmission is designed to ensure that the operator has always the right speed for every application. The Speed Four transmission offers four synchronized gears and up to four ranges and allows a maximum speed of 30 km/h. The transmission can be optionally equipped with a creeper that provides 16 forward and 16 reverse gears with speeds as low as 220 m/h at maximum engine rpm. The Speed Four transmission features a steering-column synchro shuttle that allows the operator to quickly shift from forward to reverse without taking the eyes off the road.

Efficient hydraulic system to suit each and every need

The hydraulic system of the Mistral2 is designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of orchard and vineyard crops, vegetable growing, greenhouse farming and muncipalities. The system features a dual pump that supplies 35 l/min to the rear hitch and remote valves and 20 l/min to the steering system for maximum ride comfort. Designed with versatility in mind, the hydraulic system of the Mistral2 can be equipped with up to three remote valves: two standard and one with float facility.

Dimensions and weights

Wheelbase 4RM  mm 1790 1790 1770 1770
Height over ROPS min - max mm 2124 - 2199 2124 - 2199 2030 - 2105 2030 - 2105
Height over cab min - max mm 2205 - 2280 2205 - 2280 - -
Height over hood min - max mm 1230 - 1305 1230 - 1305 1131 - 1206 1131 - 1206
Length w/front weights min - max mm 3168 - 3504 3168 - 3504 3168 - 3504 3168 - 3504
Overall width min - max mm 1203 - 1638 1203 - 1638 1260 - 1615 1260 - 1615
Shipping weight ROPS/cab Kg 1600 / 1780 1600 / 1780 1580 / - 1580 / -
Gross vehicle weight Kg 3050 3050 3050 3050
Rear tire size (Index Radius - IR) min - max  mm 320/70R20 (475) - 360/70R24 (550) 320/70R20 (475) - 360/70R24 (550) 320/70R20 (475) - 360/70R24 (550) 320/70R20 (475) - 360/70R24 (550)


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