Modern and straightforward

Powerfarm has always been considered the Landini brand’s all-time favourite since it has maintained major shares of the market in non-European countries where it expresses its versatile qualities and running economy to the ful. The range is ideal for all-purpose use in the open fields and can be configured in many different ways.

Great versatility and reliability


4,4 / 4

4,4 / 4



83 92.5 102


Mechanical reverse shuttle and Speed Four

Mechanical reverse shuttle and Speed Four

The four-wheel drive versions feature a 55° steering angle and oil-immersed disc brakes which, in conjunction with the rear brakes, provide an effective integral braking action on all 4 wheels.

Driving position

Powerfarm is available in both the footstep version with two-pillar safety frame and with the “Total View” cab for all-round visibility with all-glass side doors hinged to the rear pillar, air conditioning and air filtering systems. When it comes to the cab interior, extensive use has been made of modern, composite materials like those used in the car industry, while the controls are arranged in accordance with the current standards governing ergonomics. The driver’s area in the footstep version also complies with ergonomic principles and features an adjustable suspension seat and adjustable steering wheel.

Perkins direct-injection engine

With a range of 3 models featuring Tier 3 engines and a further model with a “blu” engine that does not conform to Tier standards, Powerfarm covers a powerband ranging from 83 to 102 HP and over 106 HP in the Powerfarm 110 Tier 0 model.

110 90 100 110
Tier0 Tier3 Tier3 Tier3
Manufacturer Perkins Perkins Perkins Perkins
Max. power (ISO), hp/kW 106.8/78.5 92.5/68 101.9/74.9 110.6/81
Max. torque NM 400 352 393 416
Rated speed rpm 2200 2200 2200 2200
Displacement cm³ 4400 4400 4400 4400
Nr of cylinders/Turbocharged 4/YES 4/YES 4/YES 4/YES
Fuel tank capacity L 102 102 102 102

The modular basic transmission

The modular basic transmission (Speed Four) with 4 speed gears and 3 ranges (12FWD+12REV) can be sup- plied in 4 different versions. The basic transmission can supplied with an optional underdrive (only for 2WD) or creeper (24FWD+12REV) for a speed of 30 km/h. There is also an optional overdrive allowing the operator to always select 24FWD + 12REV for a speed of 40 km/h. These functions can be engaged by means of the reverse shuttle lever located in a user-friendly position.

Hydraulic circuit

The Powerfarm Series includes a hydraulic circuit with 82 l/min total maximum flow rate, a hitch with class 2 three-point linkage and 4350 kg lift capacity as well as position, draft, intermix and floating functions, plus up to 4 supplementary control valves, two of which controlled by a joystick (also useful for work with a front loader).

Dimensions and weights

110 90 100 110
Wheelbase 2WD/4WD mm 2365/2340 2341/2316 2341/2316 2365/2340
Height over cab  mm 2550 2500 2550 2550
Lenght (with ballast) mm 4160 4136 4136 4160
Min. Width mm 2063  2063  2063  2063
Weight (without ballast) 4wd + (150 kg cab) Kg 3450 3330 3330 3450


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