Serie 4

Serie 4

Landini Serie 4: that all-rounder that does it all

Available in both cab and ROPS versions, the Landini Serie 4 is designed to meet the needs of farmers looking for a low-cost, do-it-all tractor. The Serie 4 is an all-round tractor ideally suited for wide-row vineyards and orchards as well as for ploughing, tilling and harrowing small plots of land. Its great manoeuvrability makes it perfect for sowing and haymaking, while its excellent all-round visibility ensures safe and efficient loader operation. Its compact size also makes the Serie 4 ideal for use inside stables as well as for safe operation on sloping terrain and for road transport. All this turns the Landini Serie 4 into a true efficiency champion.

Versatile, simple, efficient


2,4 / 4


61 68 75


Speed Four with mechanical Hi-Lo + Power Four with power shuttle

Key features of the Landini Serie 4 include:

- A specially-built transmission; - A 4WD front axle with limited slip differential lock; - A wheelbase of 2110 mm; - A mechanically-operated rear hitch with 3000 kg lift capacity; - An optional front hitch and PTO; - A hydraulic system providing up to 52 l/min flow rate; - A urea-free exhaust after-treatment system for greater simplicity, better fuel economy and increased reliability

Total View Slim cab, simplifies your work and reduces fatigue

Designed to offer the operator maximum comfort and ease of use, the Total View Slim cab provides a spacious environment with a flat-deck platform and efficient sound insulation that reduces operator fatigue during long working days in the field. A high-quality automotive-grade fit and finish, ergonomically-arranged controls and a steering wheel that tilts with the instrument panel further enhance the operator comfort. The climate control system, conveniently built into the low-profile cab roof, maintains a comfortable working environment whatever the outdoor weather conditions. The climate control filters are fitted on the roof sides to allow for quick and easy cleaning. Featuring a large glazed area, the cab of the Serie 4 tractor provides unobstructed all-round view for easy manoeuvring in tight spots, while the transparent roof hatch provides extra visibility for front loader operation. The Total View Slim cab meets FOPS (Falling Objects Protecting Structure) safety standards for the use of front-end loaders. Fitted with a suitable tire size, the Serie 4 tractor reaches a minimum width of only 1820 mm, making it ideal for working between wide vineyard and orchard rows.

Kohler Engine

Landini Series 4 features the new generation of Kohler 4-cylinder and 16-valve engines, Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail electronic injection with improved torque reserve performance, increased power and lower fuel consumption. The 85-litre fuel tank allows a long working day. The Engine Memo Switch system, which quickly records and restores the engine speed, guarantees the minimum fuel consumption compared to the required power. Series 4 consists of 3 models: 4-060, 4-070 and 4-080 with 61, 68 and 75 horsepower respectively.

  4-060 4-070 4-080
Manufacturer - Series KOHLER  KDI2504 TCR KOHLER  KDI2504 TCR KOHLER  KDI2504 TCR
Max power ISO hp/kW 61.2 / 45,0 68,0/ 50,0 75,3 / 55,4
Max torque   Nm 285 310 310
Displacement (cm3)/ Cylinders 2482 / 4 2482 / 4 2482 / 4
Fuel tank capacity Litres 85 85 85


Reliable, simple and efficient transmissions

True to its tradition of technological innovation, Landini manufactures a range of rugged transmissions designed to offer farmers efficiency and versatility. For the Serie 4 tractor range, Landini offers two transmission configurations: - A Speed Four transmission with mechanical Hi-Lo providing 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. This transmission offers precise, seamless gear changes for maximum comfort of operation. - A Power Four transmission with power shuttle providing 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. The power shuttle allows the operator to easily shift through all gears and change from forward to reverse. This reduces driver fatigue, making this transmission ideal for long working hours in the field and for tasks requiring frequent forward/reverse shifting The Speed Four transmission with mechanical Hi-Lo offers four synchronized speeds and three ranges providing up to 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. On the 4WD version, the Speed Four transmission allows a top speed of 40 km/h. Optimum spacing of gear ratios ensures that you always have the right speed for every job Designed with reliability in mind, the Power Four transmission features a left-hand steering-column power shuttle and provides 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

The hydraulic system that turns versatility into productivity

The Serie 4 tractor range features a dual-pump hydraulic system. One pump supplies up to 30 l/min to the steering system ensuring smooth and precise turning for increased operator comfort and productivity. The other pump provides a flow rate of 52 l/min to operate all hydraulic functions. To further enhance the tractor hydraulic performance, the Serie 4 comes standard with a pressure-free return line to oil tank. This solution prevents oil overheating, doing away with the need for continuous flow rate adjustment, and eliminates backpressure, thereby optimising implement operation and enabling the use of latest-generation attachments. The Serie 4 can be equipped with up to five remote hydraulic valves, three rear-mounted and two mid-mounted. The mid-mount remotes, operated by a joystick, allow the use of either a front hitch or a front loader. The Serie 4 tractor range offers four types of remote valves that can be used in combination to suit different application needs: - Standard: double-acting; - Kick-out: with automatic detent release; - Float: for implements that follow the ground contour; - Hydraulic motor: for the use of implements equipped with one or more hydraulic motors. Each option allows the tractor to work with a variety of implements for maximum efficiency and productivity. Ergonomically-arranged high-quality quick-release couplings allow quick connection/ disconnection of hydraulic lines for fast operation.

Dimensions and weights

  4-060 4-070 4-080
Wheelbase  mm 2110 2110 2110
Min Widht (Rops / cab) mm 1615 - 1882 1615 - 1882 1615 - 1882
Shipping weight without weights (Rops/ Cab)  Kg 3050 / 3200 3050 / 3200 3050 / 3200


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