Super Plat

Super Plat

New SUPER tractor in plat version

Renewed Landini SUPER range, designed for LRC (Low Regulated Countries) markets. The relentless research and development activity has allowed the Italian industrial group based in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia) to take a significant step forward in the production of tractors that are increasingly at the forefront in terms of innovation, guaranteeing new functions and performance levels, while at the same time improving the design, with European style.

New functions and performance levels


4,4 / 4


82 92 102 107 111


12+12 Synchro Shuttle 16+16, 12+12 Reverse Power Shuttle and 16+16 (Creeper) with RPS modulation control

The standard lifting capacity ranges from 3,000 to 4,500 kilograms (with additional assist cylinders) in the low power versions, while it reaches 5,080 kilograms in the high-power models (115, 110 and 120). The independent PTO has 2 speeds, 540/1000 rpm or 540/540E, with Ground Speed PTO available as an option. The front axles are available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive in low power  versions (with optional paddy field seals) and only in 4-wheel drive (with optional Hydralock system) for higher powers. The rear differential lock is available with mechanical or electro-hydraulic engagement.

Operator's area

Special attention has been paid to the design, with an updated look that echoes the modern Landini family feeling. The main novelty for the operator's area is the introduction of the reverse power shuttle control lever and a new dashboard.

Perkins engine

Plat versions retain the engine already used in the previous series: the 4.4 L Perkins 1104, which was already acclaimed for its extreme reliability and available in Tier 0 and Tier 3 exhaust emission ratings. Engine power has also increased, from the previous 75hp - 102hp range to the current 82hp - 111hp. The series features two aspirated engine versions (model 85 and 95), two turbocharged versions (models 90 and 115) and three aftercooled versions (models 100, 110 and 120).

   Super 85  Super 90  Super 95  Super 100  Super 110  Super 115  Super 120  
Manufacturer Perkins Tier0 Perkins Tier3 Perkins Tier0 Perkins Tier3 Perkins Tier3 Perkins Tier0 Perkins Tier3
Max power (97/68/EC - ISO TR 14396) 82/61,5 82/60,5 88/64,5 92,5/68 102/74,9 107/78,5 110/81
Rated engine speed rpm 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Max Torque at 1400 RPM Nm 289 352 305 393 416 400 416
Engine speed at max power rpm 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400  
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 4/4,4 l/8V 4/4,4 l/8V 4/4,4 l/8V 4/4,4 l/8V 4/4,4 l/8V 4/4,4 l/8V 4/4,4 l/8V
Fuel Tank L 95 95 95 95 95 95 95


The strong point of the series is the transmission

The strong point of the series is the transmission, available with a 12+12 Synchro Shuttle dry clutch for 30km/h or 16+16 (with Creeper and minimum speed of 360 metres per hour to increase versatility on specific jobs) and with a 12+12 Reverse Power Shuttle (wet Clutch) with engagement modulation and de-clutch (a button on the gear lever that bypasses the need to use the clutch pedal). The transmissions allow maximum operability in all working conditions.

Hydraulic circuit

The hydraulic flow rate to the services (hitch and rear spool valves) is 54 litres/min, while as much as 30 litres/min are available at the steering pump for the version with hydraulic reverse shuttle (24 l/min for mechanical reverse shuttle). An optimised oil filtration system ensures circuit maintenance. Plat versions offer 1 to 2 rear spool valves.

Dimensions and weights

  Super 85 Super 90 Super 95 Super 100 Super 110 Super 115 Super 120
Wheelbase mm 2316 2316 2316 2316 2340 2340 2340
Gross vehicle weight Kg 5350 5350 5350 5350 5350 5350 5350


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