Serie 6H

Serie 6H

6H tractor, style and power of the new 130 hp Utility

The Landini SERIE 6H T-Tronic is brilliantly positioned in the Utility category, suitable for open field, haymaking and typical farm operations, enhancing performance and efficiency, optimising style and ergonomics. One of the main innovations is the Stage V emission engine, thanks to DOC-DPF-SCR technology. Additional features include closed-centre hydraulics, suspended cab and axle.  The range offers two models, both powered by a 16-valve3.6-litre F36 engine: 6-125H, capable of producing 119 horsepower, rising to 127 in the 6-135H version.

Performance, versatility, design and comfort


3,6 / 4


119 127


36 FWD +12 REV with T-Tronic HML & RPS

The Landini SERIE 6H can take advantage of the best technology available from the Italy-based company. Thanks to the open architecture of the tractor, it is able to take a number of satellite guidance systems and the ISObus system – to make the tractor communicate with the implements – ensures maximum efficiency and fuel control. Moreover, thanks to Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, it is possible to manage the tractor fleet by reducing operating costs and establishing machine productivity through the control of working parameters and tractor telemetry. Remote diagnostics, on the other hand, allow machine downtime to be reduced by intervening remotely for software updates.

4-pillar Cab

Full frontal visibility is ensured by the installation of the Stage V after-treatment system and the SCR system under the bonnet, ensuring a compact tractor line that is true to the new Landini family feeling. Visibility is fully expanded by the 4-pillar cab and the sunroof with opening hatch for natural ventilation of the cabin. All front loader operations are therefore made easier, as is night work thanks to the 10 LED work lights. Greater attention is given to operator comfort by the mechanical cab suspension system with 96 mm cylinders and by the ergonomic solutions adopted on the control console, which features a new joystick for loader, hitch and half-speed engagement. Comfort that is also demonstrated during road transport thanks to the option of a suspended front axle with brakes.

FPT Engine

The range offers two models, both powered by a 16-valve, 3.6-litre F36 engine: 6-125H, capable of producing 119 horsepower, rising to 127 in the 6-135H version. Fuel consumption is reduced by 10% thanks to innovative solutions and tank capacity has been increased to 170 litres (previously 150). Maximum torque has also been increased, with both models reaching 518 Nm at 1300 rpm.

  6-125H 6-135H
Max power with EPM (ISO/TR 14396) hp/kW 119/88 127/93
Engine speed at max power rpm 1900 1900
Max torque at 1300 rpm 518 518
Manufacturer FPT FPT
Cylinders/ Displacement / Valves 4 / 3.6 l / 16 4 / 3.6 l / 16


36+12 scheme with HML (3 speed under load) and Reverse Powershuttle

The transmission ensures the correct speed for each specific application. This is thanks to the tried and tested 36+12 scheme with HML (3 speed under load) and Reverse Powershuttle with modulated engagement. The speeds become 48+16 thanks to the creeper. As an option, “Park-lock” – a brake system with a gear in the transmission – is available for greater safety.

The hydraulic system

The hydraulic system has been upgraded to a closed circuit (CCLS) of 110 litres/minute, with 38.5 litres for steering: a solution that allows greater hydraulic performance and increased productivity in front loader handling. At the same time, lower fuel consumption and less noise during operation are guaranteed. 34 litres of oil can be taken out, plus an extra 10 litres with optional tank to operate tipping trailers. The range also includes the “Power Beyond” system that ensures the use of the full 110 l/min flow rate. There are up to seven spool valves, two of which are mid-mounted and three mechanical, as well as a flow selector that doubles the outputs and a solenoid valve for implements that require certain flow rates, with the possibility of an additional two spool valves, also at the rear and also electronic.

Dimensions adn weights

  6-125H 6-135H
Wheelbase mm 2420 2420
Max height over cab without beacon lights mm 2623 - measured with tyres 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 2623 - measured with tyres 380/70R24 - 480/70R34
Max height from top of cab to rear axle centre  mm 1935 1935
Steering radius mm  4400 measured with tyres 480/65R24 - 540/65R38 4400 measured with tyres 480/65R24 - 540/65R38
Shipping weight - measured with average specs Kg 4800 4800
Gross vehicle weight Kg 8500 (wide front axle) - 8000 (narrow front axle) 8500 (wide front axle) - 8000 (narrow front axle)
Max front and rear tyre sizes - (Index Radius -IR) mm 480/65R24 - 540/65R38 (IR 800mm) 480/65R24 - 540/65R38 (IR 800mm)


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