Discovery Plat 75

Discovery Plat 75

Discovery Plat models: 45, 50, 60, 75 and 75B

As part of an on-going and up-to-the-mark development policy and to provide the customers with an increasingly more comprehensive range of products, Landini now proposes the ultranew “DISCOVERY” tractor range. These tractors feature a simple, but strongly built structure that makes them fit for open-field work. They are also very simple to use and amongst the most accessible and efficient machines in their particular segment. Their quality/price ratio is excellent, without losing out on either components or performance.

Simple, but strongly built structure


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47 49 56

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Gearbox 8+2

Gearbox 8+2

The “DISCOVERY”series is available with 2 and 4 driving wheels and 4engine ratings. The DISCOVERY Plat Series features 5 models, 45, 50, 60, 75 and 75B with horsepower ratings ranging from 47 to 71 hp.

Driving operating area

The driving operating area has been designed in accordance with the very highest ergonomic standards. Rops and canopy are standard. The instruments are all analog. The dashboard reflects the simplicity of the machine but contains all the basic controls allowing the tractor to be used in the correct way. The driver seat is adjustable.

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