The Landini Blue Icon series: exclusive trim levels for even the most demanding customers

Landini blue icon

In the automotive industry, the colour blue has always been a symbol of class and elegance. So when we decided to create a series of Landini tractors with trim levels designed exclusively for our most demanding customers, we named it the Blue Icon series.

After making its debut as a limited series in 2019, the success of the Rex4 Blue Icon model exceeded all expectations, to the point that this trim level has become an option available to all our most demanding customers. It consists of a fully loaded version of the speciality Landini model for vineyards and orchards, which, for the very first time, has been outfitted with the metallic blue livery and matte black wheel rims.

The extraordinary success achieved has led us to expand this offering to the new Blue Icon 5 Series as well. Consequently, this exclusive option is finally available for a broader audience, who are not only attentive to the performance and reliability that make Landini tractors stand out in the utility category, but also want a certain aesthetic appeal.

The choice of the Blue Icon version is also a long-term investment, since this trim level tends to get a higher appraisal value than the standard versions.

The metallic blue paint is already available as an option on various Landini tractor ranges:

  • The Rex4 with cab
  • The 5 Series
  • The 6H Series
  • The 6C Series
  • The 7 Series

Blue icon Landini Rex4 e Serie 7

And while the Blue Icon trim level is only available for the Rex4 and 5 Series for the time being, it could be expanded to include other tractors in the coming months, thus effectively creating a Blue Icon line that covers the entire Landini product range.

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