Landini compact agricultural tractor, champion of agility and performance


Table of contents:

    1. Compact dimensions, top performance
    2. There are no boundaries for the compact agricultural tractor that can assist you in any operation
    3. REX3 F-GE, the safety of a great classic with the performance of the future
    4. Mistral2, absolute innovation becomes compact

Compact dimensions, top performance

Landini has always conceived, designed and manufactured efficient, high-performance tractors capable of meeting the most diverse operator needs. This also means being able to combine features that at first glance do not seem to fit together, such as agility and performance. Landini’s compact agricultural tractors are, in fact, handy and versatile, thus being easier to use and guaranteeing high productivity


The only aspect that is reduced in this tractor category is the size, but the application possibilities are multiplied, the lightness of the vehicle increases and the possibility of equipping the machine with different types of implements, including front ones, remains unchanged, making it an ideal partner for every need.



There are no boundaries for the compact agricultural tractor that can assist you in any operation

The Landini agricultural tractors that best meet the needs of farmers who require compactness, lightness and agile movement are the orchard tractors.

Innovative and configurable, compact and with eye-catching design, ergonomic and comfortable, Landini orchard tractors are designed to operate in tight spaces – such as rows – and meet the needs of modern farms. Technology combined with versatility and ease of use has made this line well established and well known among professionals worldwide

Let us discover the details of these machines together.



REX3 F-GE, the safety of a great classic with the performance of the future

Robust, compact and efficient, Landini REX3 F-GE is the range of specialised tractors for vineyards and orchards, now equipped with a Stage V engine.

A line that has made history because it was a revolution in its time and now acquires further innovations: technological solutions and restyling of the bonnet that have allowed the Landini specialist to be a finalist in the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “best of specialized” category.

This compact agricultural tractor is a professional tractor, dedicated to orchards, vineyards, olive groves, hazelnut orchards, greenhouse work and pergola trellis cultivations, but this is not all: thanks to its manoeuvrability, it is also ideal for municipal applications.

Landini is synonymous with innovation, productivity and comfort, and the REX 3 F-GE is no less: high power (despite its compact size) sleek and dynamic lines in perfect automotive style.

A sign of great attention to the needs of farmers who choose Landini tractors is the brand’s decision to create a vehicle that could respond with versatility to the increased performance in this field:

  • Orchard: a core application for the REX3 F-GE, which was created for specialised cultivation starting with orchards. Thanks to its compactness, it moves with agility among the rows with a span of 2.2 to 2.5 metres.
  • Vineyards: the REX3 F-GE is ideal for all operations in traditional vineyards, but that is not all, because the Low Profile cab version is also perfect in vineyards with pergola and trellis systems.
  • Horticulture: manoeuvrability is one of the main features of the REX3 F-GE, suitable for all specialised crops where manoeuvrability is limited. Furthermore, in the Low Profile cab version, it also performs excellently in greenhouses.
  • Farms: the REX3 F-GE is an extremely reliable and versatile tractor that also meets the demands of everyday farm work requiring power from 68 to 75 hp and road travel, thanks to its high driving comfort.


Mistral2, absolute innovation becomes compact

Landini Mistral2 is the emblem of technology at Landini: home of innovation; in fact, the new range of compact tractors has evolved in terms of engines, moving from Yanmar Tier 3 to Kohler Stage V, thanks to the design skills of Argo Tractors, which has been able to keep the bonnet ground clearance unchanged by adopting an exhaust gas treatment system on the side of the bonnet, ensuring the driver excellent visibility.

A revolution that becomes a real advantage for the professional operator who chooses the Landini Mistral2 compact tractor, because with just one machine, you get a true partner for the most diverse applications: from specialised farming to municipal operations, such as grass mowing and periodic maintenance of public green areas:

  • Standard Configuration: available in platform or FOPS cab version, the latter characterised by a modern and functional design, mounted on silent blocks and therefore with sound and vibration insulation, equipped with air conditioning, openable front window and radio.
  • GE (Ground Effect) configuration: exclusively in platform configuration, it is ideal for working under canopies or trellis thanks to its special “lowered” set-up which further reduces the overall height of the bonnet and fenders from the ground.

Completing this compact tractor jewel:

  • the Engine Memo Switch button that allows you to save engine rpms and to quickly retrieve them with a practical button on the right-hand console
  • The mechanical reverse shuttle transmission is available in 12/12 or 16/16 versions if equipped with a creeper unit, with a minimum speed of 220m/h.
  • The fuel tank has a 40-litre capacity, the hydraulic flow rate increases to 35 litres/minute for the rear lift and service and it also has a dedicated 20-litre/minute steering pump.
  • The rear hitch with first-class 3-point linkage, capable of lifting up to 1200 kg.
  • The optional front hitch, with or without PTO, 1000 rpm, up to 400 kg.



Landini has always been a reference point and a certainty for farmers, and its flagship is undoubtedly its ability to meet the demand for specific models with tractors that combine design, made-in-Italy engineering, reliability and high productivity.


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