Technology for people

  Landini has always strived to be a point of reference for farmers and contractors, manufacturing tractors characterised by major innovations, both in terms of performance and ergonomics. All with the firm belief that quality work generates quality work. Indeed, the aim is not only to create equipment that boosts productivity, but also to make the time spent in the cab – which for a farmer is a large part of the day – more enjoyable and comfortable.     Table of contents:

    1. The Human Factor
    2. A second home, the cab
    3. LOUNGE CAB: the future is comfortable

The Human Factor

  It was precisely with this in mind that Landini launched “The Human Factor”, a design choice that focuses on the operator when driving the tractor. In particular, we refer to the software developed as a result of the collaboration between Argo Tractors and the Polytechnic University of Milan, a system that guarantees the simple and immediate optimisation of the operator’s on-road driving style in relation to three performance indices: comfort, safety and economy. The detection of driver behaviour is achieved by a system consisting of sensors, a control unit, a data communication system to a remote server and an operator interface. The system analyses the behaviour and driving style of the agricultural worker during road transfers. Designed to protect the farmer, the system supports the operator as part of the continuous improvement of his or her driving style. If an unbalanced relationship between safety, comfort and economy is detected (as in the case of driving too nervously), the software makes suggestions, via the in-cab monitor, on how to improve the driving parameters. This helps to optimise these parameters on the basis of objective data that is independent of road conditions or the type of load attached to the tractor.  

    Furthermore, the system not only relates to the driver, but also allows all data and processing to be transmitted in real time to the tractor fleet manager. This makes it an ideal business tool for increasing the professionalism of operators, optimising fuel consumption and extending the life of the company fleet.    

A second home, the cab

  Ensuring the comfort of those who spend many hours a day on the tractor is at the heart of Landini‘s innovations, whose engineers work daily to develop technological solutions that improve the quality of time spent on the vehicle. This was the basis for the decision to add to the speciality tractor families the option of a Category 4 cab. This is the highest protection class currently available on the market. This cab maintains a safe and healthy microclimate because the environment is slightly pressurised, according to specific regulations, to prevent the entry of potentially harmful substances such as dust, pollutants and sprayed gases. Therefore, the air inside the cabin must pass through activated charcoal filters that retain and neutralise harmful substances.  


LOUNGE CAB: the future is comfortable

  Progress is also being made at Landini in the area of high-end tractor cabs. Hence the launch of LOUNGE CAB, which is much more than a driver’s cab, it is a genuine technological operations centre that allows the operator to handle the tractor easily, intuitively and with a high level of comfort. Not only that, this cab has unrivalled visibility. The 4-pillar structure with flat platform and hinged doors at the rear features a one-piece panoramic windscreen and convenient access for the operator. Comfort, however, is not limited to production aspects. The workstation is comfortable and built to the highest standards of ergonomics and with soft-touch materials derived from the automotive industry. The seat is made of alcantara with a swivel plate, an air-conditioned backrest and dynamic air suspension. The height can also be adjusted automatically. An interior mirror, additional 12volt sockets, useful for charging portable devices, a bottle holder and a sunshade on the roof hatch were also added. The revamped pressurisation system allows the working environment to be perfectly insulated from the outside with a soundproofing level of 70 dB and, on the roof, the highly effective automatic air-conditioning system guarantees optimal distribution of the treated air in any climate. Moving on to the part allocated to manoeuvring, there is a telescopic and reclining steering wheel, built into the dashboard. Innovation has been combined with comfort to create the multifunctional right armrest in which all the main controls are grouped and on which the 12” DSM touch screen is mounted for the management of the performance and configuration of the tractor’s functions.  

    Once again, working well means working for people. Landini has been doing this for more than 135 years, increasing its expertise in terms of comfort and ergonomics, and remaining an important and unique point of reference for farmers.  

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