Landini is at EIMA with cutting-edge products to drive change

Technological innovation and environmental sustainability characterise the global change that is also affecting the agricultural mechanisation sector. EIMA International, in Bologna, Italy from 9 to 13 November, is the strategic showcase that will provide the opportunity to grasp and anticipate the changes taking place.

Landini will be taking centre stage. A company with a passion for innovation, the payoff that sums up its philosophy and long history. Against the backdrop of a 2022 characterised by many new developments for Landini, the Italian trade fair will be an opportunity to showcase further advances in its product range optimisation. Making the Italian industrial group a forerunner in terms of technology, environmental sustainability as well as attention to the operator, comfort and design.

Landini’s TREKKER4, with a category 4 cab, will be on show at EIMA for the first time, but there will also be a series of other innovations introduced on the latest models in the range, confirming Landini as a cutting-edge brand.

The Landini REX4 will be present, which comes in different versions, with the REX 4-120GT RoboShift model nominated for Tractor of The Year 2023 in the “Best of Specialised” category. Featuring the new transmission management system, the Stop&Action function, assisted steering (ADS – Advanced Driving System) and suspended front axle and cab.

There will also be the Serie 6RS, now with a semi-robotised transmission that provides automotive-style shifting, and the Serie 6H, an absolute newcomer with a new suspended cab which offers advantages in terms of operability and comfort. Not forgetting the Serie 5 and the 5-085 where efficiency and torque value are combined with economy.

Each tractor features Landini’s new family design, developed by the Argo Tractors Style Centre, which brings the tractors ever closer to an automotive concept.

Last but not least, the première of the revamped SUPER series for non-EU markets, with new features and cutting-edge technology, without neglecting aesthetics, in fact there are further improvements to the design.


Landini REX4, a year in the spotlight


Launched at EIMA 2021, REX4 has renewed Landini’s specialised range with a focus on efficiency, manoeuvrability, comfort and design, becoming a benchmark in its category. Stage V engines with new Deutz 4-cylinder, 2.9-litre, Turbo Intercooler engines with Common Rail electronic injection, providing excellent performance in terms of power, torque reserve and fuel consumption. The tractors in the series stand out due to their high level of traction in the field and perfect comfort on the road. This has also been achieved thanks to the suspended cab and front axle configuration (the latter is also available in a platform version). The tractors in this series also feature an eye-catching and effective restyling of the bonnet, a Full-LED headlight system, the new Landini family feeling, control ergonomics and new features.
The Landini REX 4-120GT RoboShift is equipped with a 48 FW + 16 R transmission configuration with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and with fully robotised HML. This is easily controllable by means of an ergonomic and user-friendly joystick that manages all the controls required during operations. There is also a Stop & Action function that allows the tractor to be stopped by pressing on the brakes and without using the clutch pedal. Presented at the Bologna booth will be the full optional version with an assisted guidance system, integrating the ADS (Advanced Driving System) with sensors that guarantee 100% control of the machine, allowing work to be optimised with advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity.


Landini REX4 S and REX4 GE

Also worth highlighting is the REX 4-100S, a cab version with robotised transmission, equipped with the full range of options and suspended axle, and the REX 4-090GE. The latter features the great innovation of the Low Profile cab, which offers enhanced visibility at the front and sides. The curved front windscreen ensures optimum control of entry between rows with low canopies and operations with front and mid-mount implements. As a result, drivers do not have to lean out, therefore exerting themselves less and preventing mistakes. The driver also benefits from good sound insulation from the outside and an optimal interior temperature thanks to the standard air conditioning system supplied by the powerful ventilation system. The air conditioning filters, installed at the rear of the cab, allow for quick and easy cleaning. The air conditioning control console is conveniently integrated into the roof on the driver’s left-hand side. Other standard features of the Low Profile cab are the heating system and the digital instrumentation. Optional extras include two rear LED lights that allow operation in conditions of poor illumination and the lowered LED beacon, which allows the tractor to easily enter any place.


Trekker4, crawlers have put a cab on their head

Trekker4 Cab

The year 2022 has already seen the debut of the Stage V-emission compliant Landini Trekker4, equipped with a passive regeneration DPF, a DOC oxidation catalyst and, only for models with over 75 horsepower, the SCR selective emission reduction catalyst and a 10.5-litre AdBlue tank. The 4-085, 4-095, 4-105, 4-110 and 4-120 models offer power outputs ranging from a minimum of 75hp up to a maximum of 112hp. They are available in the versions F (for orchards) or M (for mountain work) and with 400 mm metal or rubber tracks. Its style follows the new and appreciated family feeling adopted for the new Landini tractors.
The big new development is the Trekker 4-120M with a cab that is already category 4 compliant, according to the most stringent EU regulations in terms of operator safety, and which includes an enhanced ventilation system on board, capable of controlling the internal pressurisation value, and active carbon filters. Passenger compartment pressurisation and filtration neutralise dust, pollutants and gases, also protecting the driver from the risks from treating vegetation in vineyards or orchards with pesticides. The cab is innovative in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, technology and is very comfortable. Unlike other crawler tractors, which mount the cab on a vehicle with a platform, the Trekker4 offers a structural solution, i.e. a monocoque, making the tractor more compact in terms of design. This is an aspect on which Argo Tractors places the greatest emphasis in order to accommodate comfort and aesthetics. In addition to the cab version, there is also the Trekker 4-110F, which comes in a platform version and with metal tracks, providing a minimum width of 310 mm and an increased track width of 32 millimetres thanks to special spacers.
Totally new at EIMA is the most compact crawler in its category, the Landini Trekker3 Compact, a flat platform machine that is an evolution of Landini’s predecessor, the Trekker F Compact. Unbeatable in terms of compactness in its segment, it is ideal for work in difficult conditions and in very narrow rows. They are equipped with Kohler 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 2.5-litre engines, chosen for their compactness and performance, while meeting Stage V emission criteria thanks to regeneration-free DOC systems that do not affect machine productivity in any way. Manoeuvrability, handling, even on slopes, and ease of use are ensured by the ultra-compact dimensions of the Trekker3 Compact, with a minimum ground clearance of 213 mm and an overall width of 1,150 millimetres.


Landini Serie 6H, technology combining efficiency and comfort

Serie 6H

In the Utility category, there is Landini Serie 6H T-Tronic, suitable for open field, haymaking and typical farm operations, enhancing performance and efficiency and optimising style and ergonomics. Stage V emission compliant, thanks to DOC-DPF-SCR technology, the range offers two models, both powered by a 16-valve, 3.6-litre F36 engine: 6-125H, capable of producing 119 horsepower, rising to 127 in the 6-135H version. Fuel consumption is reduced by 10% thanks to innovative solutions and tank capacity has been increased to 170 litres (previously 150). Maximum torque has also been increased, with both models reaching 518 Nm at 1300 rpm.
The hydraulic system has been upgraded to a closed circuit (CCLS) of 110 litres/minute, with separate 38.5 litres/minute for steering: a solution that allows greater hydraulic performance and increased productivity in front loader handling, which means better performance and less noise for the operator. At the same time, lower fuel consumption and less noise during operation are guaranteed.
The transmission ensures the correct speed for each specific application. This is thanks to the tried and tested 36+12 scheme with HML (3 speed under load) and Reverse Powershuttle with modulated engagement. The speeds become 48+16 thanks to the creeper.
Full frontal visibility is ensured by the installation of the Stage V after-treatment system and the SCR system under the bonnet, ensuring a compact tractor line that is true to the new Landini family feeling. Visibility is fully expanded by the Total View Slim 4-post cab and the FOPS roof with transparent opening hatch for natural ventilation of the cab. All L30 front loader operations are therefore made easier, as is night work thanks to the full LED light package.
Greater attention is given to operator comfort by the mechanical cab suspension system with 96 mm shock absorbers and by the ergonomic solutions adopted on the control console, which features a joystick control for loader, de-clutch and for selecting the 3 PowerShift gears. Comfort that is also demonstrated during road transport thanks to the option of a suspended front axle, which also ensures safer braking and better traction on uneven terrain.
The Landini SERIE 6H can take advantage of the best technology available from the Italian company. The satellite guidance (X25 Monitor, AGS-2 Antenna and AES-35 steering wheel, offer maximum precision from EGNOS up to RTK) and the ISObus system, (to make the tractor communicate with the implements) ensure maximum efficiency and fuel control. Moreover, thanks to Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, it is possible to manage the tractor fleet by reducing operating costs and establishing machine productivity through the control of working parameters and tractor telemetry. Remote diagnostics, on the other hand, allow machine downtime to be reduced by intervening remotely for software updates. This technology is compatible with the requirements of Industry 4.0.


Landini SERIE 6RS, automotive-style transmission

Serie 6RS

The SERIE 6RS Stage V is specifically aimed at customers who consider the versatility of the vehicle, the search for performance as well as comfort, to be the factor of choice. Ideal for open field work, it offers maximum reliability in forage applications, road transport and farm handling.
The main feature is the robotised range transmission, i.e. a semi-PowerShift that gives the operator the feeling of an automotive gearbox, with precise, immediate and full response to the commands sent. The transmission, as well as the engine, PTO, hitch and electronic hydraulic spool valves, are controlled, with maximum simplicity and convenience for the operator, by the innovative all-in-one joystick, the Smart Pilot Plus, housed in the mechanically suspended cab designed with high-quality automotive-derived materials.
A distinctive feature of the “High Vision” cab is characterised by the FOPS-approved panoramic roof and hatch for natural ventilation, which enhances the tractor’s performance when using the L40 front loader. Also worth mentioning are the LED headlights. Up to 14 headlights are available, 8 of which are incorporated into the roof to provide excellent night vision.
Other competitive advantages of the Stage V-emission Serie 6RS, powered by a 4.5-litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder FPT NEF 45 engine, include load-sensing closed-centre hydraulics with a 114 l/min pump capable of handling up to 7 spool valves and an electronic rear hitch with a maximum capacity of 7,200 kg. Design, ergonomics, comfort and technology applied to improving working conditions are the other features that make the Landini 6RS the ideal ally in the field and on your farm. The Landini Serie 6RS also has the option for a 50kmph transmission in the export markets where the speed is not limited to 40kmph.
To complete the range are the “Precision Steering Management” system for satellite guidance control and management, the ISObus function for tractor and equipment connectivity and the Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system which work in synergy to maximise the efficiency and profitability of day-to-day operations while keeping operating costs down.

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