Landini, Italian passion and innovation

Beside Fieragricola pavilions, Landini will also be showcasing its new products thanks to demonstrations in the outdoor Dynamic Show area.

On high horse power range Landini will introduce as a World première the 7 Robo-Six Stage V Series; on the specialized segment REX4 will be the main character thanks to  the GT, S and GB versions and REX3 F will be displayed with a brand new Low Profile cab. For the Utility range 5 Series will be exhibited in the Standard and High Clearance versions.

Landini 7 Robo-Six Series

World première for Landini with the new 225hp Stage V 7-230 Robo-Six. The 6.7-litre 24-valve engine is a Stage V that uses the DOC and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) systems for exhaust gas treatment. Thanks to these improvements, the 7 Series is at the top for innovation, style, comfort and configurability.

The tractor includes a brand new and more attractive styling for the hood and 12 new LED working lights on the roof that, in addition to the 8 more on the vehicle, assure a 360° visibility.

Landini 7-230 Robo-Six features all the comfort, performance and technological innovation that make the vehicle user friendly and efficient. Its key strengths remain the high quality of the materials used, attention to detail and the spacious and quiet cab.

Also new are the electrically assisted tilting movement of the steering wheel through a switch and the lever for adjusting the height.

The DSM (12″ touchscreen display) includes new menus to configure the tractor functions and user dashboards to show consumption and worked areas.

The exclusive high-spec Dynamic version is not the only one available, the Active models sharing the same superior engines and transmissions, offer entry level configuration. The Dynamic version is equipped with a 123 l/min CCLS closed centre hydraulic system (160 l/min as an option), a maximum of 8 electro-hydraulic spool valves and a 3-way diverter valve.

The 12″ DSM touchscreen monitor can manage a rear/front camera and Advanced HMF. The Active version has a 123 l/min Closed Centre hydraulic system with mechanically controlled spool-valves.

Driving accuracy is enhanced by the satellite guidance options provided by Topcon Agriculture. Also fitted on steering ready units is the Eazysteer system which reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock making it faster for the operator. Operator comfort is also optimised by the either mechanical cab suspension or the electro-hydraulic Semi-Active Anti-Damping system with variable ride comfort settings.

Engine Brake system guarantees efficiency in transport mode, in addition to the throttle valve, enables the operator to reduce engine rpm by operating the engine brake together with the rear brakes.

The Stop & Action system allows the operator to simply stop the vehicle by pressing the brake pedals that double as de-clutch controls, enabling the Robo-Six transmission to provide a smooth ride comparable to that of a continuously variable transmission. The APS (Auto Powershift) system also adds driving comfort, guaranteeing optimal and automatic range and gear shifting thanks to speed-matching and load control.

The Landini Fleet Management is a system designed to measure the efficiency of the vehicle in terms of fuel consumption, guarantees the high technological level of this tractor operating hours and service reminders, all integrated in a portal that allows fleet managers to maximise use and monitor operating costs.

Landini REX4

Landini REX4 features the Advanced Driving System, an innovative hybrid assisted-driving system that, thanks to cutting-edge mechatronic equipment, helps the operator in all manoeuvres in the field and on the road, where driving comfort is also improved both by the stiffening of the steering depending on the speed at the time and by the automatic return of the wheels to their central position. The system can also be connected to satellite guidance, memorisation and control of wheel positions during slope and in-furrow operation and offsets the effects of external stresses on steering accuracy.

In Verona GT, S and GE versions are displayed. Power ranges from 70 to 112 horsepower thanks to Deutz AG engines equipped with an EGR & DOC exhaust gas treatment system without DPF and therefore without regeneration. The Engine Memo Switch is standard equipment and offers agility and convenience in operations that require a specific engine rpm to be stored and recalled.

Optimal efficiency in field operation is ensured by a multi-function all-in-one joystick controlling hydraulic services (up to 7 electro-hydraulic spool-valves), electronic management of daily hours of operation, field and service registers via Landini Fleet Management.

Available for cabins is the CAT 4 protection which, thanks to pressurisation system, insulates the operator’s area and protects it from harmful substances during chemical application. The system operates on the inputs from an on-board control unit that monitors internal pressure and the efficiency of the charcoal filters.

The suspended axle option includes two front disc brakes and electro-hydraulic diff-lock. The steering angle ranges up to a maximum of 55° to facilitate manoeuvring in all terrains.

Hydraulic power is provided by a dual pump with 28 l/min capacity for the steering and a 50 l/min for hitch and control valves. As an option, a triple pump is available to provide 41 l/min for rear valves and hitch and 41 l/min for the midmount spool-valves, for a total of 110 l/min.

Landini REX3 F

Landini REX3 F is available in three models, with power ranging from 55hp to 75hp, Kohler 4-cylinder, 16-valve 2.5-litre engines equipped with DOC systems without regeneration. The unit in Verona will fit an optional Low Profile cab that makes the tractor more comfortable to use.

 Wheelbase of 1,950 mm, weight of 2,100 kg, maximum rear lifting capacity of 2,700 kg, make this tractor ideal for vineyards, horticulture, greenhouses and for pruning jobs. Its strengths are compact design and reduced ground clearance, with steering wheel height of 1,256 mm.

The Argo Tractors mechanical transmission offers 16 + 16 speeds with standard creeper and reverse shuttle at the steering wheel.

Excellent hydraulics provide 28 l/min capacity for steering and 50 l/min for the rear hitch and one or up to three mechanically operated spool-valves.

Landini 5 Series

The 5 Series (available in three models, 100, 110 and 120) is the generation of Medium Utility tractors. Extremely versatile, it is suited for any type of activity, from operations like soil preparation, seeding and management of the entire haymaking cycle to livestock activities. The 5 Series is the perfect choice for medium-sized companies that operate mostly independently and want to make cost-effective investments in their machinery.

The engines are Deutz AG, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, 3.6 litre, Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection and EGR + DOC system to comply with the Stage 3B / Tier 4 Interim anti-pollution regulations.

The newly designed Total View Slim cab allows a 360° view and more comfortable on board life thanks to its large dimensions and perfectly soundproofed interior equipped with automotive quality materials. The rear and front openable windows have facilitated natural ventilation.

Eight transmission configurations available, from Speed Four with 12 FW + 12 RV with mechanical reverse shuttle to T-Tronic with 48 FW + 16 RV with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle, HML and Creeper. 2 or 4 speed PTO available.

Landini 5 Series is also the ideal choice for all raised beds thanks to the availability of the High Clearance (HC) version, with power span from 90hp to 107hp.

Tires that can be fitted are 9.5R48 or 13.6R38.

The wheelbase is 2,355 mm, the weight is 3,800 kg and the Gross Vehicle Weight is 5,400 kg.

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