Landini Mistral2 tractor: compact dimensions, maximum innovation

Mistral2 is the new Landini tractor that incorporates over 130 years of experience and the company’s vision of the future: it is the machine that combines the highest performance with respect for the environment.   Compactness, flexibility and high performance are the main features of the Mistral2 tractor, which is ideal for horticulture, pergola trellis cultivations, greenhouses, orchards and vineyards. However its compact size, flexibility and manoeuvrability also make it the perfect solution for municipal applications, such as public green maintenance, snowploughing and salt spreading, or for tasks requiring turf maintenance. An innovation like Mistral2 cannot be summed up in a few words, its technical specifications require a closer look.

Table of contents:

  1. COMPACTNESS: let’s measure up
  2. EFFICIENCY: where technology meets respect for the environment
  3. COMFORT: working with Mistral2 means working better
  4. POWER: transmission and hydraulics, the great Landini classics
  5. TECHNOLOGY: remote management for working in the future, today

Compactness: let’s measure up

Mistral2 is the offshoot of the Landini Stage V compact range, of which it incorporates all the best features: lightness, manoeuvrability, compactness, performance, ease of use and comfort. Not only that, to guarantee maximum front visibility and flexible work even in the lowest areas, the Mistral2 features a bonnet with the lowest minimum height in its category: just 1,230 mm from the ground for the STD version, further reduced to 1,130 mm in the GE version. Furthermore, with the Mistral2 it is possible to utilise the entire field surface, reducing manoeuvres, time, fuel consumptionand operator effort, thanks to the 1,790 mm wheelbase, the shortest in the range, and the reduced turning radius. The sleek, dynamic design perfectly describes the essence of Landini, which has always offered innovation, productivity and comfort: The Mistral2 expertly combines aesthetics with more technical and functional aspects.  


Efficiency: where technology meets respect for the environment

Mistral2, one of the most efficient tractors in its class, is powered by a Kohler KDI 1903 TCR turbo aftercooler engine, with outputs of 49 and 57 hp and Common Rail technology. Maximum torques of 180 and 200 Nm, available at just 1200 rpm, coupled with torque reserves of up to 37%, ensure sustained performance at maximum efficiency, in any work situation. In addition, the fuel tank of the Mistral2 has a 40-litre capacity, which guarantees a high degree of working autonomy. An example of innovation that looks to the future, it combines high performance with attention to environmental sustainability, boasting low fuel consumption and full compliance with Stage V emission standards, guaranteed by the innovative Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, combined with the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and the passive regeneration Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Again in the name of sustainability – both environmental and humanfuel consumption is optimised by the Engine Memo Switch system, which memorises and recalls the engine speed most appropriate to the type of work performed, simplifying and speeding up the work and therefore reducing operator stress. At the same time, the DOC and DPF exhaust gas treatment with passive regeneration of the filter eliminates work breaks, increasing the efficiency of working days. The layout of the under-bonnet has also been designed according to highly innovative criteria that make it intuitive and practical, favouring solutions to simplify and speed up daily maintenance. Technology at the service of professionals.


Comfort: working with Mistral2 means working better

The Platform version of the new Landini Mistral2 tractor is characterised by its design of well-distributed lines and surfaces, combining aesthetics and functionality. The machine’s streamlined shapes and low profile make it easier to work between the lowest and narrowest rows. However, the compact nature of the Mistral2 does not limit the operator’s comfort; in fact, the driver’s seat is spacious, comfortable, safe – also thanks to the optimal distance between the steering wheel and the seat – and has perfect all-round visibility. In addition, all the levers are ergonomically designed and positioned in the steering wheel area, leaving the central tunnel free, thus ensuring easy access. The Cab version has been designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant driving environment in all seasons and is built with automotive-derived materials, in the knowledge that this makes a difference in terms of less fatigue and greater performance. The topic of safety is one of the main areas of focus for the Mistral2: as it is also suitable for operation in forest areas, the cab is FOPS-approved and thus ensures maximum protection. A tapered windscreen for better visibility, an air conditioning system and front and rear lights are other key features, and that’s not all. Careful ergonomics, compact dimensions and high power: the new Mistral2 is able to ensure maximum productivity while putting the operator at the forefront, ensuring more comfortable and lighter working days.  


Power: transmission and hydraulics, the great Landini classics

We have described many of the strengths of the new Mistral2 tractor, but among these it is essential to consider the Speed Four transmission, a great, enduring classic, entirely designed and built in Italy by Landini. Robust, efficient and versatile, the Speed Four transmission has the right speeds and ratios to increase productivity whatever the job: 4 synchronised gears and up to 4 mechanical ranges, when equipped with the optionally available Creeper, reaching 16 FWD + 16 REV. For easier and faster gear shifts, the gearbox is equipped with a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle with a lever on the steering wheel, convenient to reach without distracting from driving. It is this strength combined with extraordinary lightness that makes the Mistral2 unique: the Platform version weighs only 1,600 kg but offers a maximum allowed weight of no less than 3,050 kg. The strength of the Mistral2 is also reflected in its technical specifications that make it perfectly configured and sized for activities in horticulture, greenhouses, orchards, vineyards and municipalities. In fact, the hydraulic system of the Mistral2 has two tandem pumps: one with a flow rate of 35 l/min dedicated to the rear lift and hydraulic services; the other, with a flow rate of 20 l/min, serves the steering, for maximum driving comfort. Highly versatile to meet any need, the hydraulic system can have up to 3 spool valves: 2 standard and 1 floating.  


Technology: remote management for working in the future, today

The Landini Mistral2 is the tractor designed for tomorrow, made to work today. High technology and attention to the environment are already two features that perfectly represent a product that intelligently fits into the current panorama, but Landini goes further, also equipping these tractors with the remote fleet management system. This is made possible by the innovative Landini Fleet Management telematics system designed to lower operating costs and increase efficiency and profitability, thanks to features such as:

  1. Fleet control: displays the position of the tractors in real time and measures their efficiency using parameters such as speed, engine performance, consumption and work progress.
  2. Data analysis: establishes the productivity and performance of each machine, allowing profits to be monitored.
  3. Processing data memory: retains information to avoid errors and waste of time and resources, maximising performance.


  To learn more about the technical specifications of the Mistral2 and discover all the innovations of this Landini tractor model, please visit the website page.  

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