Landini Rex4: the full range of innovations offered by Landini specialist tractors

Landini Rex4

Specialised tractors have always been the flagship of the Landini brand: an undisputed leader in the orchard and vineyard tractor sector, the Rex4 continues to innovate thanks to increasingly advanced technology to maximise production results.

In recent years the Rex4 range has expanded to offer new models and new fittings to meet the needs of a highly demanding market.


In addition to the Ultra-Low Orchard (GB) for crops with height limits and the Narrow Orchard (S), 2019 also witnessed the debut of the Rex4 Blue Icon at the international trade fairs. Initially conceived as a limited series model, the set-up used with this model became a success that exceeded all expectations and for this reason we have made this option available for our most demanding customers.

What makes them stand out?

  • exclusive design, with blue metallic livery and black rims
  • full optional set-ups, with air conditioning, hydraulic reverse shuttle, HML transmission with 3-stage Powershift, front suspended axle with brakes, front hitch, electronic hitch, triple pump, 3 rear spool valves + 6 central hydraulic sockets, 3 electro-hydraulic spool valves with joystick, luxury air seat, bluetooth radio

Landini trattori Rex4

Among the available options is also a cabin with category 4 protection, which ensures maximum protection of the operator against dust, aerosols and vapours, offering greater comfort in terms of soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Also the management of the front suspended axle is made easier by the hydraulics manufactured by Argo Tractors, which is offered by Landini as an option on certain Rex4 models, and comes as standard with the Blue Icon model.

Among the most advanced technological concepts tested on the Rex4 range are the Intelligent Advanced Driving System (ADS) and the Landini Fleet Management system, which monitors operating hours, records the field log, keeps track of maintenance requirements, and even serves as a terminal for real time remote diagnostics.

The family feeling and design of the Rex4 have pure automotive style, thanks to the slender dynamic lines of the hood and the light fittings which are perfectly integrated into the front grille: an incarnation of the Landini essence, which has manufactured a range designed to meet all the needs of the specialist segment.

Rex4: more than 100 models available

With all the possible variations between basic and optional features, there are more than 100 models available in the Rex4 range.

Platform or cabin, for orchard or vineyard, wide or narrow, Rex4 has engines with 6 power settings, which can be combined with 8 different transmissions.

Depending on the needs related to the type of crop, it is possible to choose among the models for vineyard, narrow orchard, wide orchard, low orchard and high orchard. In order to meet the most varied requirements in the wide range of specialised needs, the axles are available in various widths, from a minimum of about 1 metre, to allow the Rex4 to enter even the narrowest rows, all the way up to 150 cm, for specialised crops in wide rows and for farm work.

The range also offers low or ultra-low versions with a steering wheel height of less than 130 cm, for work with crops with height restrictions, such as pergola crops.

Rex4 Trattori Landini nella neve

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