New Landpower range: history is renewed in the name of greater efficiency, robustness and simplicity

The iconic LANDPOWER model is back

Landini, the proven heritage brand of Argo Tractors, Italian industrial group based in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia, Italy) presents this renewed and Stage V compliant tractor. The tractor maintains and optimises ease of use combined with high efficiency, ideal for all open field activities: from ploughing to tillage and harrowing, and is suitable for both farmers and contractors.

The main strong point of the range is the new FPT NEF 67 structural engine, 6.7 litre – 6 cylinders, 24 valves, available for both the 160 and 180 models (165 hp and 175 hp respectively).

This is capable of unloading up to 700Nm @ 1400 rpm, allowing generous torque at low rpm, ensuring better engine response in more severe conditions and lowering fuel consumption (along with improved emissions), thanks to the HI-eSCR2 emission system. In addition to the engine, the height of efficiency is the front axle with brakes and the T-Tronic 3-powershift transmission with 6 gears and 3 ranges, capable of offering the perfect combination according to the speed required.

The machine’s wheelbase was increased to 2,880mm (previously 2,734mm) for heavy-duty use of the tractor, with traction ensured by 650/65R38 tyres and improved weight distribution (max. allowed weight 11,300 kg), while maintaining excellent driveability.

The closed-centre hydraulic circuit provides 38 l/min to the steering and 110 l/min to power the five rear mechanical spool valves and an electronic hitch with 3-point linkage, category II/III, with a lifting capacity of up to 8,400 kg, which can be easily controlled even when hitching implements, thanks to the external controls on the rear fenders.

Comfort is ensured by a cab suspended on silent blocks, the optional air suspended seat and the carefully designed ergonomics of the controls, thus minimising operator stress during daily work. In addition, 12 halogen lights are available for night work.

The efforts of the engineering department have led to other benefits on these tractors, from the increased tank capacity to 280 litres +38 of AdBlue (which guarantees a longer daily range) to a new livery, which shows the renewed Landini family feeling.

The technology component is provided by satellite guidance, operated via an 8.4” touch screen display, for steering management via GPS with optional RTK correction system.

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