New remote training tools for our dealers

training a distanza landini

The technological evolution of Landini tractors goes hand in hand with the ever-increasing growth of Argo Tractors services, allowing the company to achieve new goals in terms of professionalism, timeliness, and simplicity.

Thanks to the integrated use of digital media, we are able to offer efficient and high-performance tools to support customers and dealers, with the ability to intervene remotely quickly and effectively.

Training and skills development sessions

One of the areas of our service that is most involved in the new evolution process is that of training. This is an activity that plays a fundamental role for us as it guarantees a high level of after-sales support to the end customer.

This area is closely linked to the ability to use new technologies, making training in specific, targeted skills essential.

How have we equipped ourselves to make this possible?

We have placed a strong emphasis on the development of training activities through the implementation of a platform that enables online management of technical training for

  • dealership mechanics
  • trainers of subsidiaries
  • distributors around the world.

Operational since autumn 2020, the new digital platform consists of several sections: some of them are dedicated to specific technical and commercial content made available by the sales network; others are oriented towards the end customer and are dedicated to informative content including the correct use of the machines, maintenance, and any problems of use.

The objective in each case is the same: to offer useful and easily accessible content on topics of real interest for customers and dealers.

training a distanza landini

Courses in several languages which are always available

In the specific case of training, the courses

  1. are delivered in several languages and therefore can be attended by technicians all over the world
  2. cover subjects chosen on the basis of the real needs of the distribution network, which also has the possibility of requesting in-depth analysis of specific topics and products.

Each course is available unlimited on the platform, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, it is divided into several modules, during which a specialised lecturer from the Argo Tractors team goes into detail when providing technical explanations. In addition to this, he/she will also offer different product views, graphic illustrations, and dynamic diagrams, just as in a face-to-face course.

There are special sections dedicated to downloading teaching materials and submitting comments, with the possibility of interacting with the teachers and asking for clarifications privately.

In addition to increasing the number of participants in the training courses organised, this platform also provides a higher level user experience with respect to the traditional one. This is thanks to the possibilities of using high-quality audio and video material – as well as checking content of particular interest at any given time.

A part of the platform is also dedicated to employees, who are provided with specific content to add new levels of professionalism, even within the company, in a pleasant and highly effective way.

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