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To meet the needs of growing vineyards, Landini offers a range of vineyard tractors with cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum comfort, maximum efficiency and maximum compactness.

The new Landini vineyard tractors are agile and ideal for tucking between rows, operating in tight spaces without sacrificing anything to the vehicle’s habitability. Ergonomic controls, a comfortable and well-equipped cabin and an exceptional configurability of the hydraulics make Landini specialists the kings of the vineyards, with well-established models all over the world.

Highly innovative and super-compact tractors for vineyards

The new tractor for specialized vineyard processing is REX4 V. With a minimum width of 1003 mm and a maximum steering angle of 55 °, the REX4 V is perfect for shelling between the rows of vineyards.

Also for those who need to pass the branches of the rows is available the GE REX4 low tractor, to which is added the REX4 GB, Gran Basso, ideal for working under the awning crops.


Landini vineyard tractors from the REX4 series have adopted the latest generation of Landini models: dynamic and sleek lines, with a front-opening hood and integrated light clusters, a flat-bed cab, for an automotive-style look.

  • The highly configurable hydraulics offer the widest range of possibilities in the segment, to meet all the needs of farms. The REX4 V offers a wide range of options also in the PTO, available in mechanical or hydraulic versions, depending on the reverser, with two or even four speeds (540, 540 Eco, 1000 and 1000 Eco).
  • Axles: While the GE and GB models use narrow axles, the V-model mounts High Pivot axles for increased swing, to facilitate steering. They are also available in 2 versions: Standard and Narrow; the latter has a minimum size of 1,000 mm overall and allows passing through the narrower vineyards. The REX4 V is also available in 2 and 4-wheel drive versions, to meet all needs.
  • Engines: The REX4 series is equipped with the innovative series of 4-cylinder Deutz Stage 3B / Tier4 Interim engines, with 2.9 lt Turbo Intercooler, to ensure high performance, maximum reliability and reduced fuel consumption. The range goes from 70 hp to 102 hp for the V model, available in 5 versions, while the GE and GB models are available in 6 versions, with a maximum power of 112 hp.
  • Transmission: the Speed ​​Four transmission offers 4 gears for 3 ranges, with mechanical or hydraulic reverser. There are 2 options: Hi-Lo (Power Four) and High-Medium-Low (T-Tronic), to add 2 and 3 gears respectively under load. Alternatively, on the GE and GB models, the Speed ​​Five, 5-speed and 3-range transmission is also available. The Super Reducer can be applied to each solution.


The REX4 V vineyard tractor adopts an innovative, automotive-style cab with a superior standard in terms of ergonomics and comfort, qualities that are fundamental for guaranteeing operator comfort and safety. Even the work of many consecutive hours becomes pleasant, helping to improve efficiency.

With easy access, the flat platform and ample space for the operator, the REX4 V offers perfect habitability. Everything is comfortably under control thanks to the ergonomic controls: adjustable telescopic steering wheel, pneumatic seat, pedal control levers, joystick and a digital instrument panel that provides real-time information on the operation of the tractor, helping to optimize productivity.

Thanks to the 4-post structure, the cab ensures complete all-round visibility. Natural ventilation is ensured by the open front and rear windshields. An efficient air conditioning system also allows working in all seasons and in all weather conditions.

Category 4 protection protects the health of operators for treatments with plant protection products. Furthermore, an excellent system of pressurization and noise removal allows to offer a silent and dust-protected working environment.


The REX4 GE and GB have been designed to easily work the branches of crops while offering the driver a spacious, comfortable and safe driving position. The Gran Basso model, with its 1,280mm steering wheel height, boasts the world’s lowest driver’s seat in its class. Its unique characteristics make it the ideal tool for those working under the awning crops.

The two models are equipped with a large platform mounted on silent blocks, which reduce vibration, isolating the driver’s seat. Maximum comfort and 360 ° visibility allow maximum productivity.

Everything is designed to facilitate the operator and reduce fatigue: easy access to the driver’s seat, ergonomic layout of the controls, the arc of functional protection, equipped with pneumatic pistons that facilitate the lifting and abatement.

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