Table of contents:

      1. Climate change and agronomic management
      2. Harmful insects: learn about them to protect yourself
      3. Landini tractors and pest control, a winning combination

Climate change and agronomic management

  At the forefront of Landini‘s philosophy is a focus on current events and climate change. By monitoring the situation in which farmers have to work every day we are able to offer them the best in terms of technology and innovation. The first few months of this winter were unusually warm, so much so that the vegetative resumption of citrus fruit trees was brought forward. As a result of the mild temperatures, the evergreen plants were unable to go into stasis to face the usual tough winter conditions. Fortunately, at the dawn of the first (and premature) shoots, Europe was then hit by such seasonally average winter temperatures that proper agronomic management was resumed.

Let’s find out together how to protect the shoots in citrus groves from adversity with the help of Landini tractors and the correct pesticide treatments in citrus groves.  


Harmful insects: learn about them to protect yourself

  Citrus fruits are subject to attacks by common insects, which infest the plants at the end of spring (with the arrival of warmer temperatures) and carry out their trophic activity in the summer months. But against which insects should we intervene with pesticide treatments in citrus groves?

  • Mealybugs, which cause leaves and fruit to become soiled with their secretions and honeydew;
  • Aphids, which promote a blackish blanket also known as sooty mould;
  • The serpentine leaf miner, which digs tunnels inside the leaf causing it to dry out and fall off;
  • The Mediterranean fruit fly, which penetrates and feeds on the flesh of the fruit, causing it to rot.


The most effective pest treatments in citrus groves

  It is now clear that varietal characteristics, climate change and the significant presence of aggressive pests make the world of citrus cultivation subject to numerous challenges. Certainly, the adoption of pesticide treatments in citrus groves is one of the most important issues in citrus farming, which must guarantee very high quality standards. Here are three pesticide treatments in citrus groves that can meet the needs of the entire citrus chain.

Intervention with copper-based products or metalaxyl-M ramat Due to humid climatic conditions, it may be deemed necessary to protect the fruit against black rot, i.e. Phytophthora infection. Copper-based products or metalaxyl-M ramat help preserve the flesh of late-ripening citrus fruits, even in fields where harvesting is to be postponed. If one chooses to use copper-based products, it is sufficient to spray the mixture on the lower part of the canopy of the rows. On the contrary, when using metalaxyl-Mil, it is sufficient to limit the treatment to the soil below the crown of the trees.


Administration of mineral oil In citrus groves infested with honeydew-causing insects, it will be necessary to administer mineral oil. The main purpose is the removal of the mould scabs, so that the cleared plants can recover properly. The procedure is simple: just water the foliage of the plants well, with the help of large volumes of water. It is always good to remember that treatments with mineral oil must comply with current precautionary standards (2-3% with temperatures above 5°C) in coordination with the weather forecast, in order to prevent unpleasant phytotoxic effects.


Furrowing in the centre of the rows Reducing the attacks of rot, stemming the risk of asphytic phenomena, is an essential pesticide treatment in citrus groves. Performing a furrowing process in the centre of the rows will facilitate the removal of excess water from the side with the steepest slope, avoiding water stagnation. Soil rebalancing is of great importance in citrus orchards, especially in younger plants which, although resistant to the citrus tristeza virus (CTV), are known to be more susceptible to phytophthora.  


Landini tractors and pest control, a winning combination

Attention to the administration of pesticide treatments and the protection of plantations are issues that are just as important to the world of citrus farming as they are to the Landini brand. The well-being of the soil and the high quality of the resulting raw materials depend on the care of the operator who, as far as possible, must ensure that the citrus groves are preserved. This is why our technicians have designed and implemented highly efficient machines, capable of supporting those working in the field in this difficult and delicate operation.

Let’s discover them together!

REX4, the orchard specialists Landini REX4 tractors are characterised by tractability in the field and comfort on the road, thanks to the ease of driving ensured by the ADS (Advanced Driving System) and the possibility of configuring the suspended cab and front axle. Among the most important innovations is the Stage V engine emission for the premium range of specialist tractors. The REX4 range includes light and efficient tractors, also available in platforms versions F, GE, GB and GT. Efficient, agile, versatile.

REX3, the Stage V specialised model The secret behind the REX3 F-GE series lies in its versatility. The range of specialised vineyard and orchard tractors – now powered by Stage V – can be used in a variety of cultivation operations and offers the possibility of using different types of implements. Innovative in terms of technological solutions, modern in appearance and compact in size: it is no surprise that this Landini specialist was nominated for the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “best of specialized” category.

MISTRAL 2, the new compact range Greatly evolved in terms of engine power, totally unchanged in height. The new Mistral2 range is perfectly suited to specialised agriculture applications, thanks to the design capabilities of Argo Tractors. The operator will always enjoy high comfort and excellent visibility, true competitive advantages of Landini Mistral2. Discover it in platform or cab version!

Once again, Landini demonstrates that it is the ideal partner for farmers who want to marry innovation with the technical tradition of the prestigious Argo Tractors brand. A benchmark on the European tractor scene, Landini makes technology and design its cornerstones, without neglecting the comfort of its operators. If you too want the best from your work and your crops, contact us. We will be the partners you are looking for with pesticide treatments in citrus groves.

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