Table of contents:

    1. A busy autumn with the right partner
    2. 6RS Robo-Six Stage V Series: Seeding with Landini for harvest quality

A busy autumn with the right partner

  November marks the beginning of the seeding period, which comes after ploughing, harrowing and fertilising, and which sees the soil ready to grow the seeds it is used for. Successful cultivation that meets quality and quantity standards results from correctly executed seeding. This means following steps that might seem obvious, but which in fact provide the basis for a job well done. Burying the seeds at the right depth to encourage germination, choosing the best time in terms of temperatures avoiding the coldest periods (not a current problem), checking the plant’s characteristics such as the space it needs to grow and to take root. The choice of the tractor with which to seed is therefore fundamental: a vehicle is needed that is agile and not too heavy on the ground. It needs to be safe and comfortable for the operator as well as effective and efficient for farming.  


6RS Robo-Six Stage V Series: Seeding with Landini for harvest quality

  The Landini 6RS Robo-Six Stage V tractor is the ideal partner for farmers working in the open field, and in particular for seeding operations. This tractor, conceived, designed and built by Argo Tractors‘ technicians, encompasses in a single vehicle the answer to the needs of operators who demand versatility, performance and comfort. The design and ergonomics of the Landini 6RS Robo-Six Stage V are the epitome of comfort and technology applied to improving working conditions. Underlining this is the Landini High Vision cab, equipped with a FOPS-approved panoramic roof with 0038 integrated LED lights and a hatch for natural ventilation. Driving conditions are further improved by the mechanical cab suspension combined with the front axle with independent arm suspension.    

If the ergonomic automotive standards are represented by the high-quality material details and Landini design, the control instrumentation perfectly reflects Argo Tractors technology and the “Human Factor” concept with its 12-inch touch screen monitor and all-in-one multifunctional joystick.  


Concern for the operator does not overlook protection of the planet; in fact, the Landini 6RS range with FPT NEF 45 engines is Stage V compliant, meeting anti-pollution standards perfectly. Moreover, the powertrain and transmission layout allows for a wheelbase of 2,560 mm, providing great stability, and at the same time versatility and manoeuvrability thanks to 55 degree steering angles. At the same time the Robo-Six transmission with 6 Power Shift gears and 4 ranges offers 24 + 24 speeds, which rise to 40 + 40 if the Creeper is fitted. To further optimise the efficiency of the engine there are also two pre-programmed working modes. The first is Eco, geared towards fuel economy, the second is Power, which ensures maximum performance to speed up the completion of the task at hand. Power output is enhanced by the 4-speed PTO. Completing the series of innovations on the Landini 6RS Robo-Six tractor is the closed-centre hydraulic system. The 114 l/min pump can handle up to 7 spool valves (also electronic and ventral) and serve the electronically controllable rear hitch with a maximum capacity of 7,200 kg, in addition to the front hitch with 3,200 kg capacity.  


From the most demanding to everyday performance, Landini is the benchmark brand for farmers looking for vehicles capable of responding to different needs, knowing that they are choosing made in Italy engineering and tractors of the highest quality.  

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