The air conditioning season begins: the importance of filter change


Table of contents:

    1. Focus on the driver: Physical freshness means mental freshness and higher productivity
    2. Landini: Technology for the well-being of the farmer
    3. Tractor maintenance
    4. Changing filters: New air to Landini tractor!

Focus on the driver: Physical freshness means mental freshness and higher productivity

For years, Landini’s R&D department has put the “Human Factor” at the centre of its study, which focuses on people and thus on the operator who drives Landini tractor. Working aboard a tractor in warmer weather is one of the most challenging aspects for the driver in the summer, as he spends many hours in the cab, which therefore must be a comfortable and cool place. Such a detail affects not only the greater amount of work done if one is not overwhelmed by heat in the day and thus productivity, but also the quality of work: we get a better driving because the grip on the steering wheel is optimal, a greater focus because the temperature allows it and thus a lower risk of accidents as well as health protection for those who particularly suffer from rising temperatures.



Landini: Technology for the well-being of the farmer

Air conditioning systems in agricultural vehicles today have reached a high level of innovation and diversification depending on the needs of the driver, the cab (size or insulation from the engine) and the type of vehicle (open field, tracked, specialised, isodiametric tractors).



Landini’s technology has provided the driving area of its various tractor models with air conditioning systems both for the seat and the interior air, depending on the series. The most technically emblematic example of this innovation designed for farmers’ well-being in warmer seasons is the Lounge Cab in which the seat backrest is air-conditioned and the environment is insulated for optimal air distribution.


Tractor maintenance

It is not enough just to choose a state-of-the-art Landini tractor to avoid suffering the heat during summer work: air conditioning maintenance is essential.


Checking the condition of one’s machine is a must in order to maintain a high quality of work, but maintenance intervals also depends greatly on the way the agricultural vehicle is used, taking into account parameters such as frequency of use, environmental conditions of the field and the types of work performed. In addition, taking care of your tractor ensures greater longevity, avoiding waste in terms of time and cost for buying a new machine and decreasing the environmental impact of possibly disposing of a tractor for scrap.


Generally speaking, all ordinary maintenance – that is the one which is easily done and the responsibility of the farmer himself – is done in the winter, when tractors are often not used to their full potential, but there are certain actions that are important to do as soon as the warmer time of the year comes.



Changing filters: New air to Landini tractor!

Among the ordinary maintenance operations to be performed on the tractor as summer comes, changing the air conditioning filters is the first. Due to the dust from the soils in which the agricultural vehicle is used to work, filters are often dirty, clogged and damaged. To make a difference in terms of air purification, it is really useful to clean the area where the new filters are going to be placed, which will then be put into a sanitised and safe environment where no pollen, soil and potentially harmful substances will have remained.


How to choose the right filter There is only one answer: just consider genuine Argo Tractors spare parts. In this way you will be sure to mount a reliable, innovative element that is the result of high expertise because parts are developed by the people who design and build the tractor: the technical team of professionals at Argo Tractors, who also provide a 12-month warranty on the new product to replace the worn out one. In addition, the advantages of this decision do not end with the spare parts, but also involve the constant service and support from Landini dealers, who will be able to work alongside you in the decision and the actual change operation.



Give value to your tractor: always perform ordinary maintenance and choose genuine spare parts; you will save time and money and increase productivity!


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