Landini Specialised Vineyard Tractors

In response to the special needs of vineyard cultivation, Landini offers a range of vineyard tractors applying state-of-the-art technology to guarantee maximum comfort, efficiency, and compactness.

The new Landini vineyard tractors are agile and ideal for moving between vine rows, operating in restricted spaces but without sacrificing anything in the ease of use of the vehicle. The ergonomic controls, comfortable fully equipped cab, and exceptional hydraulic configuration options make these Landini specialists the kings of the vineyards, with models now acclaimed the world over.

Highly innovative super compact tractors for vineyards

The new specialised tractor for working in vineyards is the REX4 V. With a minimum width of 1003 mm and a maximum steering angle di 55°, the REX4 V is perfect for running along the vineyard rows.

For those who need to pass underneath a vine row canopy, the low REX4 GE tractor is available, along with the REX4 GB, Gran Basso, which is ideal for working below awning cultivations.

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The REX4 series is equipped with the innovative 4-cylinder Deutz Stage 3B / Tier4 Interim, 2.9 L Turbo Intercooler engines, to ensure high performance, maximum reliability, and limited fuel consumption. The range goes from 70 hp to 102 hp for the V model, available in 5 versions, while the models GE and GB area available in 6 versions with a maximum power of 112 hp.


While the GE and GB models have narrow axles, the V model is fitted with High Pivot axles designed for increased oscillation and easier steering. They are also available in 2 versions: Standard and Narrow. The latter has a minimum overall dimension of 1,000 mm allowing it to pass through the narrowest vineyards. The REX4 V is also available in 2 and 4 wheel drive versions to satisfy all particular needs.


The Speed Four transmission provides 4 gears in 3 ranges, with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle. There are 2 options available: Hi-Lo (Power Four) and High-Medium-Low (T-Tronic), respectively adding 2 and 3 gears under load. Alternatively, the GE and GB models can also be provided with Speed Five transmission, with 5 gears and 3 ranges. A creeper can be added to all versions.

The REX4 V also offers a wide range of options for the power take-off, available in mechanical or hydraulic versions, depending on the reverse shuttle, with two or even four speeds (540, 540 Eco, 1000 and 1000 Eco).


The flexible range of hydraulic configuration options offers the widest available range in this class, able to satisfy all the requirements of fruit farmers.

The tractors in the range are fitted with a double pump of 50 +28 L/min as standard: the first dedicated to the rear loader and control valves, the second to the steering. On request a triple pump is available of 41 + 41 + 28 L/min: the first dedicated to the rear loader and control valves, the second to the front control valves, and the third to steering.

On request REX 4 can also be equipped with 3 front control valves with joysticks for the control of front mounted implements.

The category 2 loader with three-point linkage can lift, depending on the model, 2,700 kg and 3,400 kg (with 2 additional cylinders).

The electronic control loader is managed with easy-to-use buttons located on the driver’s right control panel. The electronic loader controls are replicated on both rear mudguards to facilitate connection to implements on the ground. The front and rear quick connectors are positioned to ensure easy engagement, for maximum ease and saving time.


The REX 4 are equipped with the innovative Advanced Driving System: an advanced hybrid assisted driving system that provides state-of-the-art mechatronic solutions to improve comfort, safety, and performance, facilitating manoeuvres in fields and on the road.
The system allows steering stiffening as a function of speed (as happens with cars) and the automatic return of the wheels to the central position after turning. It is possible to record the position of the wheels when working on slopes and in furrows, cancelling out the effects of external forces on the direction of the tractor.
The Advanced Driving System can also be adjusted in terms of steering reactivity or stiffening, and the operator can use the on-board instrument, or a smartphone or tablet by Wi-Fi in remote, to manage the dedicated adjustment windows.
It is also possible to electronically manage the measurement of working hours, fuel consumption, and program maintenance and diagnosis services, using the Landini Fleet Management protocol with telediagnosis in real time.

Vineyards and extra low vineyards


The REX4 V vineyard tractor has an innovative cab, in automobile style, with improved standards of ergonomics and comfort, fundamental factors for ensuring ease of use and the safety of drivers. Even working long consecutive hours becomes enjoyable, helping to enhance efficiency.

With easy access and spacious, level driver platform, the REX4 V offers complete comfort. Everything is conveniently under control thanks to ergonomic controls: telescopic swivelling steering wheel, pneumatic seats, control pedals, joysticks, and a digital instrument panel that provides real-time information on the operation of the tractor, helping to optimise productivity.

Thanks to its 4 pillar frame, the cab offers complete 360° visibility. Natural ventilation is ensured with front and rear opening windshields. An efficient air conditioning system enables work in all seasons and under any weather conditions.

Drivers enjoy class 4 health protection for pesticide spraying. Furthermore, an excellent pressurisation and noise abatement system creates a quiet, dust free work environment.

REX4 GE and GB

The REX4 GE and GB were designed for easy operation underneath the branches of cultivations while at the same time providing drivers with a spacious, comfortable, and safe driving position. The Gran Basso model, with its steering wheel height of just 1,280 mm, can boast the lowest driving seat in the world in this class. Its unique features make it the ideal vehicle for working under awning cultivations.

The two models are provided with a spacious platform, fitted on silent blocks that reduce vibrations. Maximum comfort and 360° visibility promote maximum productivity.

Everything is designed to facilitate the driver and reduce fatigue: easy access to the driving position, ergonomic layout of the controls, and functional roll bar arch fitted with pneumatic pistons for easy raising and lowering.