«Welcome to another world», Landini’s new advertising campaign

A world of increasingly powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly tractors. A major breakthrough that heralds a new era.

«Welcome to another world», the slogan of Landini's corporate advertising campaign, focuses on the sensations perceived by entering the cabs of the new generation tractors.

Just a few words are all that's needed to explain how Landini is now much more than you'd expect: a memorable claim, backed by an original image that conveys an idea of strength and technology, of a future that's already present with Landini.

«Welcome to another world» means stepping towards a future firmly rooted in the brand's glorious past. Because to do this, Landini has “invested all the passion and experience…” acquired in over 130 years of hard work.

Landini's new graphic campaign comes with a 30-second viral video published on the web and social networks that begins with the last frame of the previous LANDINI 130 spot and develops into a stunning scene of incredible technological impact.


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