Table of contents:

      1. Agriculture 4.0 and sustainability
      2. Landini’s commitment to sustainable agriculture
      3. Landini technology for sustainability
      4. Feel the Change: a re-branding with a mission

Agriculture 4.0 and sustainability

It is no news that the world we live in is constantly changing. However, the changes occurring in recent years are clear and trigger great consequences. The increasing global population and the deep climate changes are a fact and we have to deal with them on a daily basis. Sustainable agriculture sets this goal for itself: adapting techniques and operations to these new socio-environmental conditions. Respect for natural resources (water, land, biodiversity), ensuring nutrition, health and quality of life for people as well as reaching social equity. All these are the goals that a new approach to agriculture seeks to achieve. In this mission, which are the concrete actions implemented? One is certainly the use of technological innovation, in a view to Agriculture 4.0, which is mentioned more and more often. Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) are the innovations increasingly permeating this world that has always been considered the most bound to traditions and reluctant to change. Since agriculture has one of the most direct impacts on natural resources and thus on the health of our planet, the introduction of technological innovation in this sector can only be a matter of course. So we would better keep the pace. At Landini, we are precisely doing that.

Landini’s commitment to sustainable agriculture

The project of Landini, and more generally of Argo Tractors, is based on precise goals: the search for eco-friendly solutions, compliance with very strict ethical standards and Full Made in Italy. For manufacturing tractors, the production process releases minimal waste, complies with the most advanced standards for emissions and low ecological impact, and provides the machines manufactured with high-performance and low-consumption green engines and systems. In addition, and still relating to the production system, an important milestone has been reached at Argo Tractors plants in terms of waste storage: 52% of waste re-enters the production cycle thanks to accurate waste separation, while 44% is treated and rendered inert, with zero environmental impact. In addition, for more than 13 years, all mechanical machining has been carried out using cooling lubricants that are constantly cleaned and reused, allowing the recovery of almost 400,000 litres of emulsion per year and drastically reducing the use and disposal of filter cartridges.

Landini technology for sustainability

If one of the ways to achieve these essential sustainability goals is through technological innovation, Landini is not backing down. Thanks to the new MyLandini app, we have achieved the full integration of digital solutions with our machines. The app is a unique and simple tool to make all Landini digital services available to you at all times and allow you to manage your fleet and operations even more efficiently, while reducing costs and consumption. A great first tool is Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostics Management, a telematic system that allows you to keep an eye on your tractor fleet at all times, showing you several useful telemetry data. Speed, engine revs, fuel and urea consumption as well as many other important parameters to enable you to optimise your Landini’s performance at all times and avoid waste. Another great service provided by our digital solutions is Landini Efficiency Plan. Thanks to this tool, the scheduled maintenance of your tractors will no longer be of any concern: your Landini itself will inform you when a service is needed and which spare parts are required, making it easier to contact your local dealership to schedule a workshop appointment. In this way, you can rely on an efficient vehicle at all times and optimise your performance.

Feel the Change: a re-branding with a mission

“We want to give the planet a better future”, this is Landini’s goal. Also thanks to continuous investments in innovation and digitalisation, Landini is trying to pursue it. We want to help you in every possible way to achieve maximum operating efficiency for your machines and your work. We want to give a major boost to electrification and hybrid powertrains by investing in the design and production of models such as the REX4 Electra and REX4 Full-Hybrid. We are deeply convinced that tractors’ technological innovation can really reduce the consumption of water, fuel and other chemicals. Lending a hand to the planet, driving towards a better future.

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