EIMA 2014 coincides with Landini's 130th anniversary. This is a unique opportunity for introducing new technology from a brand with a passion and dedication to succeed whilst retaining its noble traditions. The Landini brand has made steady progress during its time in the farm machinery business and known for delivering the requirements of farming professionals and their operators globally. The complete change to the Landini range commenced more than two years ago and now, with further innovations being introduced completes the line up for 2015 and beyond. Not only has the product itself been renewed, it is also the introduction of new processes in the production process for which the assembly lines in Fabbrico, San Martino in Rio and Luzzara have been radically changed, enlarged and upgraded to suit ultra-modern manufacturing and organizational standards with sole aim of building a quality product right first time. Landini’s product innovation captures new sleek styling for the tractors, true to a Family Feeling engineered and detailed to create attractive-looking exteriors plus outstanding comfort and durability inside. The machines on show at EIMA will reflect the investment and dedication that has been undertaken by the team of people within Argo Tractors. Firstly the new 6L Series, this is a development of the Landpower a true solid workhorse, with a three model offering 6-145L 143 HP 6-160L 163 HP and 6-175L at 176 HP. All are fitted with Tier 4 interim 4.5-liter 16 valve engines with SCR emission systems. These power units are extremely fuel efficient and the large 270 l tank allows long hours of operation between refuelling. The 6L range is ideal for those demanding tasks yet agile to manoeuvre around the farm even with a loader fitted. The wide opening bonnet provides unrestricted access to the engine compartment, swing up coolers makes cleaning and maintenance both easier and quicker. The 6L Series offers an 18 x 18 mechanical reverse shuttle or can be supplied with the optional hydraulic reverse shuttle and 3 speed powershift providing 54 x 18 gears. For special low speed requirements a creeper, with 410 m/h minimum speed, is also available. Powerful hydraulics deliver 87 l/min flow plus 38 l/min dedicated to the steering system and up to 5 remote valves are available. 2 speed PTO with push button operation is easy to use and includes external operation for convenience. Externally the electronically controlled rear power lift has up to 8,400 kg maximum capacity, while the optional front linkage with optional PTO if required lifts 3,500 kg lift capacity. Powerful and modern, the 6L Series reflects the stylish Family Feeling of Landini's new generation of tractors and features an enhanced cab interior in new colours. Landini’s next innovation covers the 5H Series. To underscore the brand's Family Feeling, this series features a new cab which has been designed to provide superior comfort and visibility and easy operator access. Developed and manufactured in Argo Tractors’ Italian factories, the new cab features a flat platform and 4-pillar structure that ensures outstanding visibility. Inside, the cab is complete with every comfort and there's great attention to detail: from the tilt/telescopic steering column that integrates the instrument panel and the ergonomic controls, through to the air conditioning system with filters installed in the rear pillars, giving the roof a “slim” line and reducing the height of the machine as well as making the filters easier to service. As well as a new cab, this series also features further product enhancements and customer benefits, hydraulic output has increased flow rate, 63 l/min + 30 l/min for faster implement operation such as a loader and a larger fuel tank holding 120-liters. The transmission can be powershuttle or Synchro shuttle depending on the customer requirements. Each offers an excellent choice of working speeds and reduced engine rpm for road transport. The 5H Series has four models from 88.5 to 113 HP and Dual Power adding additional performance on the first three powershuttle models. Next up is an extension to the 4 Series at EIMA. The range has now been expanded to include 3 smaller models: 4-060, 4-070 and 4-080 with 61, 68 and 75 HP, each model having a small increase in power as the engine rpm lowers 64, 69 and 76 HP maximum power. More compact than the 3 higher-power models (4-090, 4-100 and 4-105), the new 4 Series tractors are available with a 12F + 12R mechanical shuttle or electro-hydraulic power shuttle with modulation control. Additionally they can have a 16+16 creeper. Available in both platform and cab versions, these models epitomize Landini's low-power utility tractor philosophy and are ideal for all type of farming, from hay-making to work with a front loader. In addition, they can also be used in orchards and vineyards since their overall width can be reduced to 1.73 m using 12.4R36 rear tyres. The 4 Series compact range features Deutz Tier 4 final engines with DOC oxidation catalyst, which does not require a DPF filter and susbsequent regeneration cycles. The new 4 Series have push button PTO operation for easy control, and a 49 l/min + 28 l/min steering circuit, two remote valves plus a third and mid mounted loader valves that can be added for maximum versatility. At the rear, a mechanically controlled rear linkage provides 2,700 kg lift capacity which can be increased to 3,400 kg with an additional cylinder. Finally the front axle has limited slip system and electro-hydraulic 4WD engagement and provides maximum turning angle for those tight spaces these tractors will encounter. Landini's 4 Series also includes model 4-075 Tier 3, featuring a Perkins Tier 3 engine available in 2015 also for European markets, offering all of the above features. Final innovations to the Landini range that are to be launched at EIMA 2014, is the 9000 Series equal wheel tractor, this will be shown as a footstep version but will also be available with cab. This new 9000 series range includes two models, 9095 85hp and 90105 95hp, featuring FPT Tier 3 engines. The driveline provides a 16F + 16R with mechanical reverse shuttle and creeper as standard equipment, 2,300 kg capacity rear power lift and hydraulic circuit with 50 l/min flow rate + 31 l/min for two rear control valves and an optional Joystick to operate them (proportional + continuous delivery with flow rate regulation). One final point is the easily reversible driver's position allowing maximum vision and comfort and this too is part of the standard equipment, both units are also available as an articulated version.

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