Argo Tractors invests to help Landini dealer development

A company’s success is measured in numbers, primarily sales, and the sales of a multinational company depend on the ability of its dealers to achieve results – which is why Argo Tractors, the company based in Fabbrico, northern Italy that conceives and manufactures Landini tractors, has invested heavily in the development of its dealerships in recent years.

“The investments made and the projects launched aim to provide dealers with all the tools they need to work in the best possible way, reducing operating costs, increasing profitability and boosting their image,” explains Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director of Argo Tractors.

One cornerstone of this development is digital transformation, making it possible to keep up with a market that is increasingly technological.

Argo Tractors believes that digital transformation is so critical to success that it has made significant investments, introducing high-tech tools to expand commercial networks and enhance customer service performance.

Argo Tractors has also developed an application called Easy Sell that allows the sales force to present customers with products, technical specifications, brochures and videos, as well as to manage the prices of tractors and accessories to compile accurate on-farm quotes.

Moreover, it is possible to share materials with the sales team, manage the CRM (customer relationship management), view reports on visits, approve offers, use Google Maps, store minutes of meetings with customers, archive documents.

“This exchange of information within Argo Tractors has improved the sharing and updating of information, thereby allowing all branches, importers and dealers to optimise their offers,” says Antonio Salvaterra.

“And all this is complemented by the portal for used machines designed to allow our sales network to provide maximum visibility to products available anywhere on the planet, exponentially increasing the visibility of each tractor.”

The digitalisation project also involves social networks, such as Landini Agri UK & Ireland on both Facebook and Twitter.

Argo Tractors has chosen to communicate through the various social channels with a precise strategy, conveying quality images and captivating texts, a tactic that is shared with the whole network, notes Mr Salvaterra.

“For this reason, we have planned training sessions for all dealerships to promote widespread communications that can simply and quickly amplify the dealers’ messages, and enabling them to spend more time offering services directly to the customer.”

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