The REX4, the top range in specialist tractors

The new REX4 introduces profound technical and functional improve ments. Its ability to meet the most exacting demands of modern farm ing marks a breakthrough in the speciality tractor segments in terms of technologies, ergonomics, comfort, flexibility and design. Cab, with F, S, GT, V models.

Innovative by tradition


2,9 / 4


75 90 95 102 112


Speed Four gears with mechanical reverse shuttle, RoboShift version with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle

The series comes in 6 models to suit specific applications:

F model for traditional orchards: ideal for work in small and medium orchards.

S Model, for narrow orchards and potted plants: it features the track width of the F model and the narrow cab of the V model.

GT Model for wide-row orchards: maximum comfort ideal for orchards with wide row orchards and open field work.

V Model, for vineyards: specific for working between the nar row rows of vineyards

A front suspended axle system is optionally available for the F, S and GT in addition to the classic rigid axle option. This axle is equipped with a differential lock and oil bath disc brakes which, combined with the rear ones, ensure effective all-round braking on all 4 wheels. Manoeuvrability is excellent, with a steering angle of up to 55°. The suspended axle, as opposed to the rigid version, allows the REX4 to tackle extremely rough terrain by ensuring maximum traction on each wheel, as well as greater vehicle stability and manoeuvrability. It improves traction and handling in the field, and increases safety, speed and operator comfort on the road.

For ease of steering, the V model is equipped with a high pivot narrow rigid axle with a minimum measurement of 1,000 mm overall

Lounge Cab: all-round visibility and first-class comfort

The Lounge Cab is a true mobile office where working becomes fun. Its 4-post structure guarantees 360° all-round visibility. In addition, easy access thanks to the hinged doors at the rear, the clear flat-deck platform, adjustable operator driving seat, ergonomic controls, automotive inspired materials and air condi tioning make this cab a perfect working environment whatever the season. On the F and GT models, the outer cab width is 1,205 mm, whilst on the S and V models it is 1,000 mm.
The interior of the REX4 Lounge Cab is inspired by the automotive industry to offer the operator a more comfortable driving and working environment. Here you have everything under control and within reach. The digital instrument panel keeps you constantly informed on the tractor performance; the telescopic tilt-adjustable steering column is designed to tilt with the dashboard; the driver’s air suspension seat provides maximum seating comfort; the joystick and all control levers and pedals are ergonomically posi tioned for maximum ease of operation. These qualities guarantee greater comfort for the operator and better control of the work, resulting in increased productivity.                                                                                                                                                                                       The REX4 Lounge Cab is suspended on Hydro-Silent Blocks. The F and GT models can be equipped with mechanical spring-loaded shock absorbers, with a vertical travel of up to 60 mm. On the F, S and GT models, the front axle can be suspended: vibration-proof solutions for a more comfortable working environment. Because Landini is well aware that more comfort means more productivity.

Deutz Engine

The line-up includes REX 4-080, 4-090, 4-100, 4-110, 4-120 models with outputs ranging from a minimum of 75 Hp to a maximum of 112 Hp. This is thanks to the new generation Deutz engines featuring 4 cylinders and 8 valves, 2.9 litres, Common Rail electronic injection Turbo Intercooler, which guarantee a boost in performance in terms of torque reserve, increased power and lower fuel consumption. As seen on the previous models, the Engine Memo Switch, which stores and swiftly recalls the most suitable engine speed, is also fitted on these versions to accelerate one’s work. The engines comply with Stage V emission legislation thanks to the innovative system consisting of a passive regeneration diesel particulate filter DPF, a diesel oxidation catalyst DOC and the SCR EAT – System.

  REX 4-080 F/S/V/GT  REX 4-090 F/S/V/GT  REX 4-100 F/S/V/GT  REX 4-110 F/S/V/GT  REX 4-120 F/S/V/GT
Engine manufacturer Deutz AG Deutz AG Deutz AG Deutz AG Deutz AG
Engine type TCD 2,9 L4 HT TCD 2,9 L4 HP TCD 2,9 L4 HP TCD 2,9 L4 HP TCD 2,9 L4 HP
Rated power (ISO)HP/kW 75 / 56 78 / 58 85 / 63 95 / 70 104 / 77
Max Power (ISO)HP/kW 75 / 56 90 / 66 95 / 70 102 / 75 112 / 82
Displacement / Cylinders / Valves cm3 2900/4 TA/8 2900/4 TA/8 2900/4 TA/8 2900/4 TA/8 2900/4 TA/8


Bespoke transmission, to suit every need

The REX4 is equipped with a Speed Four transmission: 4 synchro nised gears and 3 mechanical speed ranges, for a total of 12 FW + 12 RV. With the Creeper it reaches 16 FW + 16 RV. The Speed Four transmission is modular, so it can be customised with the following options:

- Power Four: 2 gears under High-Low load, 24 FW + 24 RV; with the Creeper: 32 FW + 32 RV.

- T-Tronic: 3 gears under High-Medium-Low load, 36 FW + 12 RV; with the Creeper: 48 FW + 16 RV.

- RoboShift: robotised gearbox, 36 FW + 12 RV; with the Creeper: 48 FW + 16 RV, for maximum comfort.

The RoboShift transmission has a power-assisted gearbox on both the 3-gear H-M-L load and the Speed Four driving 4-gear versions. RoboShift is the transmission with the most advantages:

More Comfort: the RoboShift robotised gearbox is managed by the simple and practi cal multi-function joystick, providing extra Comfort.

More productivity: the RoboShift electronic gearbox allows the operators to choose between the extreme simplicity of working in manual mode, which allows them to man age the gearbox with two buttons, and the extreme comfort of working in automatic mode, which automatically identifies the best gear speed, leaving the operators free to concentrate on the work, to the advantage of productivity

Innovative hydraulic system for maximum flexibility

The new REX4 hydraulic system is more flexible than ever before, to guarantee each and every farmer tailored solutions that meet their individual requirements. The standard hydraulic system features a double pump that sup plies 58 + 30 l/min to the rear hitch and the spool valves, and 30 l/min to the steering system. An optional 30 + 58 + 36 l/min triple pump is also available on request: the first two pumps are dedicated to the rear hitch and the rear and mid-mount spool valves and, by combining the flow rates, they reach a maximum capacity of 88 l/min, of which 54 l/min are already available at an engine speed of just 1,500 rpm; the third pump is independent and serves the steering circuit. The hydraulic circuit configuration allows the use of up to 7 spool valves, 4 of which are mechanical or electro-hydraulic rear valves and 3 electro-hydraulic mid-mount valves. The REX4 can also be equipped with either a flow selector, with a diverter with 4 or 6 outputs, to control multiple elements with a single control system, or a flow diverter valve, to regulate the oil flow in the spool valves. In addition, it can also be equipped with hydraulic stabilisers, top link and right rod: 2 simple but tons manage their movements, for attaching implements or for adjustments during row-crop work.


  REX 4-080 F/S/V/GT REX 4-090 F/S/V/GT REX 4-100 F/S/V/GT REX 4-110 F/S/V/GT REX 4-120 F/S/V/GT
Min-Max overall width mm 1355-1770 (F) / 1305-1775 (S) / 1000-1680 (V) / 1500-1945 (GT) 1355-1770 (F) / 1305-1775 (S) / 1000-1680 (V) / 1500-1945 (GT) 1355-1770 (F) / 1305-1775 (S) / 1000-1680 (V) / 1500-1945 (GT) 1355-1770 (F) / 1305-1775 (S) / 1000-1680 (V) / 1500-1945 (GT) 1355-1770 (F) / 1305-1775 (S) / 1000-1680 (V) / 1500-1945 (GT)
Wheelbase 4RM  mm 2140 (F-S-GT) / 2190 (V) 2140 (F-S-GT) / 2190 (V) 2140 (F-S-GT) / 2190 (V) 2140 (F-S-GT) / 2190 (V) 2140 (F-S-GT) / 2190 (V)
Gross vehicle weight Kg 5250 5250 5250 5250 5250


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