Trekker4 F-M

Trekker4 F-M

The Stage V-emission compliant Landini Trekker4

Also to be shown in 2022 is the Stage V-emission compliant Landini Trekker4, equipped with a passive regeneration DPF, a DOC oxidation catalyst and, only for models with over 56 kW of power, the SCR selective emission reduction catalyst and the 10.5-litre AdBlue tank.

Tracks are available in steel or rubber


2,9 / 4


75 90 95 102 112


Synchro Shuttle

The same dimensions and height as the Stage IIIB family make the Trekker4 suitable for working in orchards (F version) and mountains (M version). Its style follows the new and appreciated family feeling adopted for the new Landini products. In the F version with a track width of 1,100 mm, the semi-lubricated steel tracks range from 310 to 360 mm in width, while in the M version with a track width of 1,300 mm, the same tracks are available in 400 or 450 mm. The rubber soles are 400 mm wide for both versions, with track widths of 1,132 mm in the F model and 1,300 mm in the M model.

Driving position

The most important innovation concerns the platform, which is completely suspended from the wagon and engine compartment. This solution provides total insulation from heat and vibrations, with a clear improvement in comfort. Front and side visibility and ergonomics have been improved, thanks to the optimised driver’s seat and the completely redesigned side control console. As an option, the new 6-post cab, available with a category 2 filtration system, air conditioning and radio, protects the operator from dust, noise and atmospheric agents all year round.

Stage V-emission compliant

The 4-085, 4-095, 4-105, 4-110 and 4-120 models offer power outputs ranging from a minimum of 75hp to a maximum of 112hp.

Trekker 4-085 F-MTrekker 4-095 F-MTrekker 4-105 F-MTrekker 4-110 F-MTrekker 4-120 F-M
TypeTCD 2,9 L4 HTTCD 2,9 L4 HPTCD 2,9 L4 HPTCD 2,9 L4 HPTCD 2,9 L4 HP
Max Power (ISO) HP/kW75/5690/6695/70102/75112/82
Max Torque  Nm375385400410420
Displacement (cm3)29002900290029002900
No. Of Cylinders / Valves4 TA / 8 V4 TA / 8 V4 TA / 8 V4 TA / 8 V4 TA / 8 V
Fuel Tank capacity L8585858585


The 16 + 8 speed transmission

The 16 + 8 speed transmission operates through a synchro reverse shuttle (a plus compared to the competition) and can be configured with overdrive, to increase the top speed up to 15 km/h, or alternatively with the Creeper, which allows a minimum speed of 300 metres per hour.

The Trekker4 has a dual pump hydraulic circuit

The Trekker4 has a dual pump hydraulic circuit, with a 28.5 l/min pump for steering and a 42 l/min pump for managing hitches and spool valves. 3 hydraulic rear spool valves can be added to the basic equipment, but two more can be added as an option for a total of 5, with optional 6 front quick couplers and flow regulator. The rear hitch, further enhanced with respect to the previous version and enriched with the optional ELS, has a maximum load capacity of 3,150 kg in the standard configuration and 4,500 kg when equipped with 2 additional hydraulic cylinders.

Trekker 4-085 F-MTrekker 4-095 F-MTrekker 4-105 F-MTrekker 4-110 F-MTrekker 4-120 F-M
Max overall width mm1410-1460-1532 (F) / 1700-1750 (M)1410-1460-1532 (F) / 1700-1750 (M)1410-1460-1532 (F) / 1700-1750 (M)1410-1460-1532 (F) / 1700-1750 (M)1410-1460-1532 (F) / 1700-1750 (M)
Shipping weight Kg3900 (F) - 4500 (M)3900 (F) - 4500 (M)3900 (F) - 4500 (M)3900 (F) - 4500 (M)3900 (F) - 4500 (M)


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